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Anxiety mystery

Hi folks,

So I've been feeling the classic symptoms of anxiety for the past couple of weeks. Dizzy, shortness of breath, tight chest, tingling hands, very conscious of my heart beat, very tired (no problems getting to sleep) etc. But the main symptom has been the dizziness, sort of spaced out feeling, struggling to focus on things. I've been to the GPs, they've given me breathing exercises, but that's not really helped. I'm due to go back this week for a general check up on the situation.

I have zero reason for being anxious. I'm male, 20, at uni, very laid back sort of guy, everything's good with friends & family. Uni is fine, would maybe understand this at exam time, but not right now.

I understand it's most likely anxiety, but I'm just kind of bewildered to why I'm anxious. I feel I'm now getting anxious about the anxiety, if that makes any sense! If anyone has any advice, I'd be glad to hear it.


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Are you getting plenty of exercise, avoiding junk food, alcohol and cigarettes?


Should get more exercise. Play the odd game of 5s. Haven't been to the gym since I've been feeling like this. Don't have a great diet, a lot of ready meals, oven pizzas etc. Bad for fizzy drinks as well. Go out about once a week, but other than that, I don't drink a lot alcohol. Don't smoke.

That helpful? Thanks for the reply!


Hope that it was of some help; if you can change your diet or reduce the ready meals/pizzas then I'm sure you'll benefit.

My exercise is confined to dogwalking as I'm disabled, it does help with my depression as I've made friends with other doglovers and look forward to seeing them.

Good luck!


Hi TH,

Anxiety is a weird thing that sometimes pops into our lives when we least expect it. Perhaps you've had problems a while ago that you dealt with? Sometimes when the pressures off the anxiety turns up. Perhaps that sounds possible to you but perhaps not. You can tie yourself in knots looking for causes and triggers when sometimes it's just easier to accept that for whatever reason it's here now and deal with it.

So how to deal with it? First don't fight it, counter intuitive I know but try to interact with it as little as possible. Fear fans the flames and the more anxious you are abt the symptoms it throws up the more pronounced they become. I recognise that being anxious abt being anxious loop very well!!! Instead acknowledge the feeling but try to let it go past. Imagine yourself on an island if it helps. The storm is raging around you but it can't touch you; you're safe on yr island. Sounds daft but it works. Don't give up on the breathing exercises either. Once you get them working properly they're a life saver. Also if the doc suggests CBT I'd give it a shot as it can help you identify thought patterns that might be triggering yr anxiety.

Hope some of this helps.

Best Wishes



Hi not sure if this helps but I have been through I terrible time in my last job with extreme bullying, whilst I realised it at the time it didn't manifest as anxiety. Then in july last year my grandad who has been my father figure had a huge operation with 75% he might not get out of the theatre, after a turbulent time in icu and long time in hospital up until discharge. it was then when he was discharged home safely that I experienced my first panic attack which triggered a truly horrendous episode of anxiety that I'm still getting over now. So while I was going through that time I never had a wobble and only when things calmed did it all flare up. Hope you manage your anxiety well,counselling worked for me it was bit hit and miss with cbt. Hope it resolves soon x


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