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So ive got an headache, health anxiety isnt very nice with wen i got headache? Anyone else like that? To top it off the dogs wont shut up barking and my youngest son kept shouting at the computer so in the end i got up and really shouted at him which made me feel bad. Usually i wud just turn it off till hes stopped then put it back on. Its all down to me headache and health anxiety. I got in the bath to relax but cudnt i just cryed and im still crying. Xxx

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Dear Donaf,

I am sorry to read that you are having a rough or difficult time. I hope that you feel better very soon.

big hug,

Marcus xxx


Hi donaf

I no what you mean , i have health anxiety , & I get migraines & just get this muzzy feeling just lately when I am stood & feel I am going to faint ,I get snappy & can tend to shout , its because we are feeling anxious & trying so hard to deal with it & then something happens & we snap a little

Dont feel guilty hun , if you feel you were a bit sharp , then when you are feeling a little better , just say , sorry if I snapped earlier , had a thumping headache ...well I do & it seems to go along way

Your headache will go & you no the more you worry , the longer it will take , but it will go , when I get my migraines , my vision goes & the headache can last 3 days & it is frightening , but I have to keep saying its a migraine , nothing else , i no its hard when we are feeling full of fear

Hope you feel better soon my love




Hi Donaf - can only echo Whywhy's wise words, hun, I don't get migraines and don't have health anxiety, but can imagine the two together must be hell! :( DON'T feel guilty for shouting at your son, we all get tetchy when we're unwell, people understand - as Whywhy said, just explain when you feel up to it!

Really hope it gets better, hun, lots of love




You will be ok and try relax hun!! Hugs xx


Thanks guys i find all ur comments very helpfull xxx



I have suffered long term depression and anxiety with dyslexia. I can relate and would bet £10 the crying is low mood/depression caused by anxiety, i.e poor eating habits, lack of sleep, stress, frustration, lead to more anxiety and more depression.

Cure = some smarties and talking therapy ! Via GP and local mental health services.

I am a man of 42 and I suffer too, best is too make sure your always moving forward so save £1.00 per week for example will lead to increased security.

Plan nights in with a movie and thing you loved to eat in the past.

When hungry, cook, for a long time, smell and use loads of colours to stimulate saliva and encourage an appetite.

For every negative comment you make or feel, find the positive side of the sam coin and say that to your self until you train your mind to be positive once more yeah!!!!

Crazy Horse

Of Crazy Horse Saloon


only joking



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