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Need someone to speak to!

I have really bad health anxiety and today has been hellish! I have a really bad headache but it feels really weird it's making me feel dizzy,hot and seweaty. The preassure in my head is terrible and keep gegtting shooting pains i do t now if I have a migraine or not. It's so frustrating as I do t no if this is just a headache and my anxiety is making it and me feel worse! Or is it so ething seriouse and should I go to a&e or phone Nhs I'm so stressed out by feeling like this :(..

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I've had the same symptoms a few times,mine is caused my ha,and the more I worry the worse it gets.

I would suggest you do get it checkedby your gp,just to be sure


Any other symptoms?


Just feeling dizzy hot sweaty. Pains in head preassure and I get numbness in right side of face. It's making me feel really anxious


Perhaps drink cold water, with ice and buy a fan as it's getting hot lately so this could affect your head! Also try and listen to relaxing music like Opera or classical music. I pray that you get better soon. God is with you, just know that you are fine xx


Hi Cha

Are you feeling any better?


I feel exactly like this when I haven't slept right.

Goes away after I take a nap, although falling asleep with a headache is hard I manage and I wake up feeling a lot better.

Just for a peace of mind or to see that it's not high blood pressure make an appointment.

Hope this helped :)



Hi guys heads a lot better this morning I must of made it ten times worse with worrying about t instead of just letting it pass I am still going to make a docs app for some peace of mind thank yous x


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