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Found a cure for my anxiety (pity isn't a sustainable longterm one)

Hi everyone,

I think last time I wrote on here was prob just over 9 weeks ago when I 1st landed in Oz. I'm currently travelling Oz & Nz on my lonesome. I am now in Nz, Guess what I have not felt anxious once! Which confirms what I already knew it is my life back home that triggers my anxiety.

The thought I'm not good enough at work & having to deal with my alcoholic mentally ill parents.

Part of me wishes I could stay away for ever but I have a fiancée, friends & pets I love very much back home.

Just enjoying the feeling of inner peace & actually eating! Normally I have so many butterflies in my tummy i have hardly any room left for food. Where as here I'm going in for second helpings every time!

I have been writing down thoughts & ideas which will hopefully help when I get back.

I have another 3 weeks until I have to face reality! I suppose at least the nights are getting lighter : D.

Can highly recommend some alone reflective time away from the day to day.


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well done, i think your really brave for going so far away from home......i have trouble at the local shops! i would love to get away but would not go alone no way and the dog would have to come with me:) x


Yes you are doing brilliant I have to agree with Sam & its great to hear you are having such a good time

Enjoy it & try & bring some of these feelings home with you :)





That's v good!! :-) you've done so well and keep going on!! Enjoy it more and think positive xx


Thanks for the support guys, being here is easier than being at home! x


Totally agree. Just did a week in Switzerland. with family. Flew standby but it went great. Only one funny morning. Back now and feel good. Have fun x


Just easier said than done, but will try my best x


Good for you doing this on your own.


I think it's awesome for an anxiety sufferer to travel like you are. Kudos :)

The regular eating is gonna build you up too :)

hugs Dawnx


I admire your courage and dedication. Kudos!


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