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Facing Fears Head On

Hi All,

I am writing this from a B&B room in Brisbane Australia. You might ask what's the big deal?!

Well as a life long sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks & an all round general worrier I have come here on my lonesome as part of a 3month holiday travelling round Oz & Nz.

As someone in here previously advised me I am taking this adventure one step at a time.

I have completed step one . . . My biggest worry were the two plane journeys, I have always been petrified of flying. Hate losing control!

Cried quite a lot when my fiancé left me at the airport & having to spend 3 hrs waiting on the plane due to snow was quite a test. But I did it, 11hrs to Hong Kong & then 8 hrs to Brisbane. whenever I felt myself getting panicky I breathed in counting to three & breathed out counting to three. I pressed my thumbs together, reminded myself to let the pilot do his job, looked at the stewards faces for reassurance & when it got bumpy just told myself it is the the waves of the sky.

Next test is finding the bus station in the morning & two buses to the outback to visit a friend.

Don't want you all to think I am 'blowing my own trumpet' but more I wanted to share for my own sanity & to hopefully inspire others that with the right mind set you don't have to let anxiety stop you doing things in life.

A calm feeling, if rather humid Aberkaz xx

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I'm new here and haven't read any previous entries, but I wanted to say how inspiring this post was. I'm in awe of your courage, and your strength. I hope you have an amazing, life changing trip.


Well done !!! Hope you find peace on your journey.

Enjoy the weather . Hope it all goes weel, Vince : )


You should be so proud of yourself. I have done the flights from UK to NZ many times and know they are hard.... well done. I have every admiration for you facing your fears... not easy. I really hope that you have a wonderful time in Oz and NZ. Both lovely countries. All the very best of luck to you. :) And BIG pats on the back to you.


Thats fantastic and well done you..... that is a massive achievement.... I couldnt go on my hol just before xmas cos the anxiety got the better of me.... it helps me to hear your story... good luck with the rest of your trip... and you deserve to blow your own trumpet,,,, its and achievement.... safe journey xx


blow that trumpet loud and proud Aberkaz!

well done and have a great time - don't forget the sun-cream. 8-)




Yours is just the kind of results people want to read about. What a gutsy person you are.

You have really taken the bull by the horn.

How long did it take you to prepare for this epic journey? In mind and spirit.

Good for you. Enjoy yourself down under.

This is what most people can only dream about. I am so thrilled to see someone coming through their emotional difficulties and able to carry through with their determination.



Hi Aberkaz. Thank you for such a lovely post. I too am scared of flying and only have an hours flight to worry about in February, but the fact that you have sat through all of that flying with anxiety makes me think I can get through my fear.

I hope you have a lovely time. I wish I had the guts to do what you are doing.

Amanda xx


What a great achievement :) well done!!! Have amazing time there :)


Wow I dont think I could have done this on my own - well done!! I love Australia having spent a year there, i dream about going back just need a friend to travel with! Have a terrific adventure xx


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