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Advice on coping with anxiety when flying & travelling alone?

Hi, I'm taking a rather large step of going to Oz & NZ by myself for 12 weeks.

I am quite a Nervous flyer & have never flown by myself before. I'm also worried that my anxiety might flare up or what if I have a panic attack when I don't have my fiancé there to comfort me?

I am sure it will be an amazing experience, but I'm already starting to struggle to sleep over thinking things. I like to force myself to do things that challenge & scare me. But I'm 2 weeks away now & panic setting in a little. Xx

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Funny how the mind works, if you hoped enthuisiastically that you would have a panic would never have one!!!!!!

0nce you accept them, and don,t fear them (it won,t kill you), and show them less attention, with the attitude "if it happens -it happens" then they will lessen and eventually leave you...

Please read some of todays posts on panic attacks(questions and blogs) I,m sure I would only be repeating this well


You're going to take it one step at a time to start with. Believe me I know this feeling, I am currently working on trying to do this myself for fear of falling apart. Think about every day, not two weeks away. I know thats easier to say than it is to do...

The flying part is going to be difficult, especially as that flight is a long one. Just remember that for most of the time you will be sitting on a plane and nothing can go wrong. The other parts, such as finding connections, is where you start thinking about one thing at a time. Get off plane, hold carry on luggage, go to bathroom, look at ticket, find flight board, read flight, go to gate... don't let anything else come to mind besides your current task.

Once you get to Aus and NZ you should feel so proud of yourself. That is a huge trip! Then you will also have the sun and that will def give you a boost :)

Im so excited for you! Wish my trip home was that close.

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I know this is a very old post, but I had to say that I currently struggle with anxiety EVERYTIME I fly. I always fly alone and its usually just from Louisiana to California for family. Even if the airports that I visit are ones I know, I always end up loosing sleep over minor details. Once I'm in the airport and past security I just kind of turn off my brain and take things one at a time like you said and it helps tremendously. I don't know how it works, it's a coping measure I guess, I just unconsciously forget all worries and focus on "surviving".


I think it's wonderful that you're planning this trip. It really shows that you're not letting anxiety stop you from enjoying your life to the max. I hope that one day I will be in the same situation and enjoy flying again without fear (I did for years!) You should be super proud of yourself. Enjoy your holiday (as I am sure you will) and give yourself a huge pat on the back for taking control of your life. :)


I too used to be terrified flying alone ....have been to Oz several times now....some things that have helped me.....take a really good book you want to read, a self-help one can be a good choice or a really good to someone who looks pleasant in the queue or nearby you in the aircraft....remember turbulence is like waves on an ocean and no matter how high the waves the aircraft will be safe....remember too that the pilot is determined to be safe too and s/he will get you to your destination.....and perhaps most importantly you can always tell the steward or stewardess that you are a little anxious, just the telling of it can make you feel less alone...lots of very clever and confident people fear flying, it isnt anything to be ashamed of.....Recall all the things you have done in your life that felt difficult and how you can get some relaxation stuff for your headphones too... you can do it....let us know how you get on in Oz....and remember to congratulate yourself when you get there.....good flying!


I had one attack on the air before, it feels like the blood rush out fr your body. I take d paper bag n breath slowly then drink plenty of water.

Well whether u travel alone or with accompanied of friends families. When it happens ,make no difference.sometimes a stranger could be ur best friend at the end of journey.

Stay away from caffeine n alcohol.


Thank u for taking the time to give me advice, wishing you all a happy 2013 xx


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