Does anyone else's anxiety come and go in waves?

Could be a bit of a silly question but does anyone else find that they have some periods of calmness I'm between anxiety. After months of feeling really hyper anxious I've had a couple of evenings where I've felt quite calm and have been able ro see things with a bit more clarity During the day I've felt quite anxious though. I've been trying self soothing / self compassion techniques which seem to have helped a bit. Of course it could also be the meds kicking in at long last.


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  • Good morning

    No it's not a silly question I've experienced this too. The first time I had a period of calm I didn't know what to do as you get used to dealing with one anxiety symptom after another then the feeling of calm and peace happened again and again. I'm pretty sure it's a good sign that you are on the right road to recovery and your meds are working. Enjoy the calm but don't be disappointed if you have bad periods too its all part of the bumpy journey to becoming well again. You are doing well keep going take care x

  • I have had the same thing happen.  New to this just signed up.  Does help knowing others have those same feelings.  Sometimes my meds do not even work....anyone else? 

  • Yea same here

  • Yes this is happening to me as well.....I dont like it coming or here I like it gone for good.

  • hi Ronni, mine if definitely only there some of the time. I think that is how the meds should work, giving you some clarity at times, making things a little easier to understand. Enjoy those calm times, and hopefully they will begin to happen more and more. Good luck.

  • your probably right

  • Hi Ronni,

    Yes I have experienced this. and it's odd because the calm is an intense sort of calm. It's like your body and mind have been through so much they have an extreme breather if that makes sense? that's why I actually think that my anxiety has done me the world of good because it was during these moments of calm that I saw so clearly the things I needed to do and I developed more as a person.


  • Haven't heard anyon specifically say they shake inside......mostly just that they shake and that could mean hands too.  Yes, I shake inside too!

  • I have  that too almost like an "electric current" type feeling vibrating my whole body

  • Me too. Try to ignore but it's hard 

  • Me too! But since I know it's anxiety I don't let it turn into a panic attack before I didn't know what it was so it caused me to have a panic attack

  • What are your symptoms usually?

  • I've only had anxiety for about 6 weeks so don't know whether what you are experiencing is part of the usual pattern. But today I got up and was not shaking inside. I've been waiting for the awful feelings to come back all morning but so far so good. I'm trying to relax into the relief of it all but I have a feeling that my anxiety about my anxiety will bring it back. At least it proves that it can go away - try to hang on to that.

  • yes,it comes and goes,I could be feeling calm for few days ,then first thing I notice is a tingling in my legs and nausea,then I know its coming back,cannot put my finger on what triggers it to come back,just seems to have a mind of its own,I must say its getting me down,because when I have it bad,I don't want to do anything,feel dizzy,sick,and ringing in my ears, whoever comes up with a cure for anxiety s going to make a fortune...god bless you all.xxxx

  • I know that there is no such thing as getting rid of anxiety all together.  Its a feeling we need to survive.  But how we naturally use it is the key. We are afraid of the feeling because we misuse it and use it against us.  We need to learn and understand what we're doing with it in our minds.  Whether it be a phobia started or something we think will prevent our lives from being enjoyable.  The only way I know is to reach more cognitive and access to our brain.  So a healthy diet with omega 3's, quality REM sleep, writing our thoughts down.  But before all of that we need to reach out to mediation.  It takes years to become good but after 3 months you will notice a difference in understanding yourself.  Knowing that you can silence your mind when need be can be the biggest cure of all.  

  • yes mine comes in waves too - suddenly it can all lift and i feel that maybe its gone for good, but it's only a brief respite and it returns. When my meds kick in, the first thing i notice is an appetite, when i get that I know the anxiety is lifting.

  • I am the same way....when I get a reprieve I get hungry.......otherwise find it difficult to eat.

  • Q.

  • Good morning,

    Yes it does happen in waves.  About once a week I feel anxious about panic and not being able to focus.  Its been very gradual, but I believe I am on a recovery path.  My mind needs to address things still and that just takes time.  I know the key to anxiety is understanding the process, it will help you feel less anxious and accepting to the feeling.  

  • Can you relate a little more as to understanding the process?  Thank you!

  • For me it seems as though I have somewhat predictable "waves" of anxiety usually around the same time and or place everyday.

  • It's been close to two years and it all the sudden came back idk but I literally can't eat at all until I have an attack then take my meds my neck always feels tight an closed until I have an attack it started back in 09/2010 when I had tumor in my thyroid I had it removed then I was ok for a year or so then all the symptoms came back an all I could eat was baby food for a year or so an then I was ok an now 2 years or so have passed and it's back idk why I just want it to stop has anyone ever had this problem sorry for the paragraph 

  • Yes, and it gets better sorry you feel so bad. Pray about it.

  • I have my anxiety in waves, i had ot under control for 3yrs and then all of a sudden i started to feel myself get all anxious and nervous and shaky like. I have been under alot of stress lately, and im trying to balance out my mind and get leveled. I understand everyone about not wanting to eat or lost of appetite it sucks and makes me feel terrible. I just try to resume everthing like anxiety never happened in hopes of getting back to my normal self. Also Prayer helps if I feel myself get anxious i will pray and instantly start to feel relief which is very refreshing, so dont be afraid to pray. "God said he is a very present help in our time of need". That alone is reassuring.

  • Same here, I feel better then a few hours later or the next day feel anxious and or depressed. It really sucks....but does that mean the medication is working or not.

  • This is happening to me as well

  • yes I do.....

  • Yes, it comes i waves at time, I think mine are from certain thoughts sometimes.

  • sometimes when I think of how I'm getting low on anxiety wave will come over me

  • I feel an actually wave from head to my toes of anxiety and I just shake it off and not let it get to me. It feels so weird.

  • Yes I had my first ever panic attack in may of 2015. The symptoms of anxiety lasted 2 months before I felt completely normal.

    Lightheadedness foggy feeling was there now after 2 years almost

    Recently about a week ago I'm feeling the same way again.. hopefully this time it doesn't take as long to go away'!!

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