My arms are just so dang sore. Anyone out there have sore muscles from anxiety??

It's me again. Still anxious about MS or ALS or whatever disease I may find which causes soreness or weakness.

I've been an anxious wreck now for about 8 months, and I've had a list of almost every disease I can find on google. Now i'm stuck and ALS or MS. Is it likely I have either??? Absolutely not...Does that matter?? .......Not one bit, because I'm an anxious moron!

My arms are sore and achy like I have been working out. It's been like this for about a week now!

Anyone out there have anything similar with their anxiety/ health anxiety?


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  • Yes if i stay really anxious for a long time i get really weak and my body aches.

  • It's crazy because I keep telling myself: " I don't feel anxious" because I consider anxious a state of Panic Attacks. But every time I use my arms I'm hyper aware of what they're doing and how they feel. I wake up in the morning and turn off the alarm clock and think " is this normal? Should my arm feel this way?" So I must be worked up all the time.

    Either that or I'm just one of the incredibly unlucky ones to be an extremely anxious person, and actually sick with a super rare disease.

  • That sounds just like me,im always hyper aware of everything,but im always worried about my vision,which ive been to the eye doctor 3 times this past year and they say everythings fine but i just keep thinking something is wrong with my vision,so im always looking around the room making sure i can see out of the corners of my eyes.its strange i know.but i cant shake the feeling.the thought is always in my maybe were just bringing this on ourselfs.were okay its just anxiety making us feel and think this way.

  • That's the lie that anxiety is telling is from what i'm reading. It's the "but what if" thought that keeps us going. After countless test you think I would be ok too, but I found some diseases which can only be ruled out by a neurologist, which ironically, is the only type of doctor I haven't seen yet.

    I can't master it yet, but everyone who overcomes their anxiety learns to "float" through their symptoms. Basically, you just don't let anything bother you and purely, 100% accecpt it's just anxiety. This stops the cortisol and adrenaline from rushing through your body and helps stop all the physical symptoms of anxiety.

    Anxiety is easier to beat when it doesn't take the physical form. Once you've been anxious long enough to where your body starts fighting back it's alot harder because physical symptoms come which mimic disease and keep they hypochondria going.

    Either that or we are all just suffering from the diseases we fear most.

  • Yea i understand.the symptoms are hard to get over sometimes,especially when u think about them 24/7 like i do

  • I have been doing that lately too!

  • Doing what lately Nora? There's so many symptoms here I want to be sure I'm understanding you . lol

  • Oh sorry. I had been reading 1994smilelove's reply and was referring to the eye symptoms.

  • No worries. We're all basketcases here with the anxiety and symptoms, just wanted to make sure I knew which one you were pointing too.

  • Basket case...that's me lol...

  • So you always look around the room to make sure u can see too?i thought i was the only one haha.ive never met another person that worries about their vision like i do.

  • There you go then. You not alone!!

  • Man am I glad I don't have that one. lol. It's funny, when I was short of breath I just wished I could breath easy and have anything else. Then I had chest pains and wished for anything else....Now I'm on weakness and soreness and wish I had anything else. I think I may just start wishing to not have anxiety instead of trading my imagined symptoms.

  • I don't feel anxious people say it's my sub conscious but this happens to me too I also get numbness and pins and needles, I have a lot of trouble with my neck, shoulders and back, got an mri in a couple of weeks.

  • Hi Lolly75, As I sit here typing, my neck is so numb I can barely feel it. My shoulders and back are extremely tight. Fingers have numb feeling and pins and needles as well. I've had more than my share of tests done in the past. I wish you well and hope you get some answers with your upcoming MRI. x

  • It is often difficult to pinpoint when or what cause symptoms to emerge. Apart from having 'things' going on in life, work related issues can have a huge effect. I started having symptoms like waking up slightly dizzy and with racing heart when I was working all day using a microscope. I was eighteen and it was found that my 20/20 vision I had at the start of the job had deteriorated and I had to wear glasses. Over time, the dizziness started to take over my life. I had various jobs after that and some office work where the constant desk work aggravated my neck and shoulders (and the feeling of dizziness) . After a period of generally feeling much better, I went through various stressful times and all the symptoms returned - with a vengeance. cut a long story short, Neck and shoulders seem to be the seat of tension for many and I also think that maybe now, we spend too long on computers- especially laptops - where the head, which is very heavy, has no real support. Once again, for me this means more giddiness and blurry eyes/migraines etc..etc.... Then we get to mobile phones..same problem. For myself, I think it time to regulate computer. Anyone else think like this?

    Agora1it seems that your problem could be being aggravated in this way..

  • Hi Nora-B, being in a car accident years ago and having a whiplash certainly started that way. Now any non-movement of my neck and head causes the symptoms to appear. I can't stay on the computer for long or the phone.

    Like you Nora, all my stress goes straight to my neck and shoulders as well. For me, heat works in relaxing and loosening up the tight ligaments, tissue and muscles.

    My best to you...

  • Thank you Agora1 - my best to you too. I have been having physio which helps but I soon undo the good he does. Gentle neck exercises are helpful for me, I don't know about you with your whiplash. I did have a slight whiplash injury a few years ago, but the neck tension was there before. McTimony chiropractor is good also. I used to go every three months as maintenance. Might start that again. Very gentle but effective. I have also been given something called Algesal by the doctor. I can rub this on if necessary. It doesn't smell and only needs a small amount to bring relief, in fact you are only supposed to use small amounts.. It does the same as your heat treatments I guess, except there is no sensation of heat, only relief. I like to have nice salt baths too. x

  • Nora, thanks for reminding me about the rub, it does bring relief. I'll be using it tonight, headachy and neck bad all day. I think the rainy weather is playing a part. Take care. x

  • Yes me ! I'm still here with my stomach issues! I hate being alone because then I have more time to think about it . I have already went to the restroom 4 times this morning! And of course there I am looking at my poop! God I wish this feeling would go away.

  • I don't mean to laugh, but that one is amusing. I remember staring at my poop and comparing it to images on Google of what my poop "should" look like. I moved onto other health scares though, so those days are over.

    It's funny, with health anxiety I can look back at my past fears of diseases and think " man, I was being silly thinking I had dumb" But..I do that while thinking I have some other disease which I just know for sure I have. I then move past that disease and chalk it up silliness until I find a new one. It's just a vicious cycle.

  • Hahaha....Sometimes scared to look at mine!

  • It's ok I laugh at it myself sometimes. But gosh really who poops that many times in the morning!!! I'm totally over it ! I feel like going to the doctors. I have an appointment in August . It's really sad . I'm 29 years old and I feel like so much older . Ps. I'm starting to hate Google.

  • Yep, Google is Satan for Health Anxiety!

    When I thought I had COPD I threw up every morning. I forget what stomach Issue I thought I had, but I had diarrhea for about two weeks. I think I was scared of Celiac disease because my stomach hurt where my Spleen was and my poop would have been white or milky if that's what I had.

    I moved from that to some other disease afterwards. Heck, it's been so many now I can't even remember.

    Only Health Anxiety can make you look at your Poo!!!

  • yes, but mine is in my legs, so painful! Had it for months.

  • My arms feel like I have been working them out constantly. They are just so sore and achy, and shaky sometime when I extend my arms to reach something away.

    Does your legs feel this way?

  • they ache and twitch, sometimes burn. Sometimes they feel about to cramp.

  • That's exactly how my arms feel. That's what lead me to the ALS fears .

  • it feels dreadful, feels much worse than it sounds . Achy and burning.

  • sometimes for hours every day. Ya think its adrenalin / cortisol? Found anything helps?

  • I haven't yet. I'm going to try exercise today and push through. I was told that would release some of the pent up adrenaline and other chemicals. I'll let you know if I feel any improvement tomorrow.

  • Hi Mrworrymaster, your arms may feel sore and achy like you've been working out but physically you haven't. Instead when you are anxious, you are also tense squeezing down on the muscles and ligaments of your body but not moving. The best thing you can do is to start exercising your arms. Get rid of that adrenaline and having no where to go. Holding your hands and arms tight all the time is producing that feeling. Also try doing tense and relax each muscle of your body starting with the feet all the way up to your neck and face. It will help relax the muscles but also give you an idea what it feels like to be relaxed. I hope you are able to get off the merry go round of worrying about ALS or MS. My best to you.

  • I would love to get off this merry go round of ALS/'s a crap ride! It's the tried and true argument of anxiety..."I don't feel anxious or that I'm tensing my must mean I'm not doing that and something else is wrong!"

    This of course is complete nonsense because in 8 months time I've thought I've had at least 10-15 deadly disease.

    Thank you for the advice Agora. I'm hitting the gym tonight after work.

  • Have you maybe M.E which gives you flu like symptoms and pains in arms , legs . Very difficult illness to diagnose but eventually my daughter who had exhausted every other avenue has been given an M.E diagnoses. Can't work now , some days can't get out of bed , had to stop yoga as it hurt too much . She doesn't suffer from anxiety though .

  • I don't know what M.E. is, and frankly I just don't want to. If I read about it I'm sure I'll develop that as well. My arms aren't even sore today really, more slightly achey and weak feeling. I've been reading over my post from the past months and I was complaining about ALS or MS fears four months ago. But then it was more focused on my hands. Before that it was Lung Disease or Heart Problems. My issues jump all over the place, no true disease would leap from one area to another sporadically and quickly. Especially after I read about it.

    What led me to ALS was twitching in my hand. Found out that twitching is a late identifier, not an early one. Guess what happened then? My twitching went away and the other symptoms listed came up.

    I've been an anxious mess for so long know who really knows what's wrong with me. My system is wrecked from constantly being worked up so it's hard to listen to my own body anymore.

  • As an update, my arms are terribly sore anymore. Now they're just feeling weak. So now I have to have ALS right???? Or, could it be that I have researched non-stop for three days now and found that soreness is rarely and early sign.......instead weakness is. Now I'm feeling more weak than sore. Isn't that ironic?

  • I hear ya! But one thing I learned is to STOP doing is googling symptoms. It just makes me freak out severely and then when I end up at the doctor's office or the ER for the millionth time, the end result is always the same...they tell me I am healthy. I know it's hard, I live woth it also, but DON'T google your sypmtoms and don't self diagnose. It helps. My love goes out to every single one of you on this site. I'm in the fight with ya! Hang in there...tough day again for me but I am trying to ignore it. 😩😫Be well. 🙄😊

  • it is surely anxiety. Let me tell you that anxietyid the worst thing ever, the things it can cause are endless, i was even convinced that i have a muscular disorder while everyone was telling me it is just anxiety and fear but i thought that they just dont understand, and i also thought i might have some very rare undiscovered disorder that there is no hope for.. i felt as if i am different from other anxiety sufferers. Ive experienced so many things because of anxiety, so ik, anxiety can make you think that you have leg problems back problems stomavh problems eye problems posture problems etc

  • Thank you for your response. It's always reassuring to hear others stories.

    I know what you mean with thinking you have some undiscovered disorder. With my arms hurting and my balance being off, and my tongue continually becoming irritated and causing me to slur/bite it, I often think maybe I have something really weird going on.

    Of course, anxiety is the only thing which causes random, intermittent problems throughout multiple points on our bodies. Anxiety basically wreaks havoc on us.

    Some days are good, others are bad. The last couple of days have been pretty good. So I'm hopeful that it can continue.

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