Numb arm and side of face?

Hi everyone as you know i have been posting some questions on here about alot of symptoms i have. One i get alot is a numb right arm and numb right side of face? It feels really weird and this can last for weeks. It is always the same arm and face. It is like it ain't my arm? And the first thing i think of is omg it is a stroke and i start to panic allday long and this makes me worst. Ive been doctors many times about it and they said it seems ok maybe anxiety. Does anyone get this please? I get alot of numbness over my body but it always seems to be in my legs and right side of my arm.. Sometimes i feel like i can't stand up like my legs won't hold me? Im really worried about the right arm and right side of face it lasts so long. Also im on no medication and im 20 year old male thanks.


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  • I get alot of numbness and tingling all over and i have had in in my arms which makes me panic which makes it worse. i also get strange sensations round my mouth which takes me to the mirror to check that my face is not stroke like. i think you should see a different docter for peace of mind. x

  • I have started this same issue about 4 months ago. I do take several medicines, but the Dr checked my corearted (SP?) arteries and that was fine, but they put me on one Baby Aspirin a day. But some days it still happens so I take two more, and it stops. It's really annoying because you can't feel with your foot and you feel like you are going to fall. I do have anxiety too, so who knows but I'm going to ask for an MRI on my brain to make me feel better.

  • Hi, yes, I get this on and off, try not to worry bout it, I know that's hard, please go and order this book, I am finding it fantastic, Waking the Tiger (healing trauma) by Peter A Levine with Ann Frederick, it covers everything. Also gives exercises to do, I don't mean breathing. But ways of looking at your life and what's happening around you xxx

  • Hi thanks for your reply, I got doctors Tuesday and he is a different doctor but he still knows about my anxiety but ive never told him about the numbness only my other doctor. But i will explain it all to him tomorrow and see what he says. I don't think it is anything as i have been getting it months and i suffer with loads of anxiety symptoms. But i still like to hear if anyone else had it as it makes me feel better as i know it is anxiety. Thanks for the recommendation whatnext i will look at that thank you. Take care both of you and thanks again xx

  • Yes don't worry.I have the same both legs get tingling and numbness..sometime I can't walk.I do massage using hand and slowly gets normal.some time my hands get same problem

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