Heart stopping when sleeping??

Last night when I was trying to fall asleep I would close my eyes and all of a sudden it felt like my heart would stop then jerk me awake?? It scares me so much. I've been getting tingling in my right side face a lot and in my right arm and idk what that means!!! Anyone else?? Also I've been getting weak legs but I think that's because I started walking again. I feel like I'm going to die of something in my sleep or randomly I have so many panic attacks it really scares me.. Does anyone else get this...


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  • Yes all the time your not alone Hun, I'm actually awake from this happening now x

  • Do you get the tingling in your face and arm? It's really scaring me that I've got a tumour or something wrong with my heart. My fear is death and everytime I get better something else goes wrong :(

  • I get numbness in my face and Dull tingling feelings in my arm, us who suffer from anxiety constant have death on the mind cause we over analyse our symptoms and struggle to listen to doctors cause our minds are so powerful and focused on pain.. Every day of my life is hard and full of symptoms it's horrible but your around the same age as me we are young! So much ahead of us.

    I know it's hard but try and think it's all anxiety and not tumours or heart attacks etc.. Have you had this before? Always here if you want a chat 😊 Xx

  • Thank you so much! It's hard to believe I'm fine as the doctors tell me I'm fine but still continues ordering new tests. I've never had issues before I've always been scared to get cancer or tumours and die suddenly since I fainted before and now every panic attack I have scares me I'm gonna faint. I'm terrified to sleep because I'm scared I'm gonna die in my sleep.. And last night made it 10x worse :( thank you it's really nice to know others are experiencing this as well. I would love to talk to someone who experiences this as well its nice to know people also have it and wake up in morning. :) thank you

  • I panic every day , almost all day. My fear is death. I worry constantly about it, I worry about everything and anything but mainly death. Ok I'm much older than u guys but old, young, doesn't matter. I'm healthy apart from High blood pressure. Strong heart, everything ok yet I think I have a tumor on the brain or cancer or I'm getting dementia or some fatal disease. I take Lorazapran at night just so I can sleep peacefully but the second I wake up, it starts again. Palpitations, heart in the throat, worry worry worry, pain here, oh it must be cancer, pain there, oh it's a tumor, forgot something, I've got dementia, phone rings, it is going to be bad news.

    It just doesn't stop. 24 hours a day. Honestly I'm amazed I haven't turned into an idiot.

  • I used to get that feeling but it wasn't that my heart was stopping I was aware that I was not breathing that's what it felt like to me and after I quit my job because I was under a lot of stress it stopped so I think it was anxiety. I thought maybe it might rain was so aware of me going into a deep sleep that my regular Briley breathing would stop and then the deep sleep breathing would kick in but I was aware of it I thought maybe that's what it might've been who knows

  • PS I started taking a natural vitamin of minerals and amino acids and the panic attacks stopped !!The tingling in my hands also stopped

  • What do you take exactly?????

  • I have every symptom you have on here plus some. I've had panic attacks sence I was twenty ish in forty nine now. I don't want to add things do to what happened to me . I will say this though you need to come to the conclusion that it is a panic attack and you will get over it!!!!!! Don't let this consume your life!!!!!! I also pray that it CO.ea to a point that you also know in your head you will be OK blessings to you all

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