Head numb,only left side

I suffered with blood clots 7 yr ago carrying my son ,have had another boy,so both 1yr apart and are now 6 & 7 .I'm an active person and even docs said I was just unlucky,but today the left side of my head is numb and my legs have doubled in size and can't get footwear on,

Doesn't feel like blood clots again (that PAIN I'd never forget),

Anyone with different idea


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7 Replies

  • You should really go to the doctor or ER to make sure it's nothing serious, I'd be there if I were you.

  • Haha knew that was coming,

    Been contemplating this for the last hr

  • I'm not normally a one for it but you really should with your history too.

  • Alaska2501, davewavy1 is right, please have it checked out. GoodLuck!

  • Probably right, will contact walk in centre in the morning,cheers for that lol,

    Will update on outcome.

  • You should get checked out, as stated above, it would be good to just have peace of mind too especially considering your past health.

    However, it may be a migraine. I have had some where one half of my head and face went pretty numb and it was very very scary. But it was merely a migraine, but I had never known they could be that way until a doctor explained it as normal to me. Best wishes

  • 😠😞😵

    Docs puzzled again,Blood clots returned so more tests and the dreaded Injections

    So was worth getting checked!!

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