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What's happening to me?

Hi it's me again, yesterday I had a great day with no panic or anxiety was an ok day but last night I had this weird feeling as if I was not alive and was already dead but was aware whats around me, at that very point of feeling a panic attack hit me and now today I'm in distress I feel so ill and I can't explain the symptoms I'm feeling cause its just soo damn ridiculously confusing. I feel so scared that I'm gonna die and I'm having mild panic attacks every 10 to 20 mins. Why is this happening to me why do I get different symptoms all the time, what is is i can do cause I've tried everything in my life. Please help me :'-(

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I get the same where I can't explain my symptoms they are so confusing, and am glad someone else has mentioned this, I thought it was only me. A few times I thought I was going to die but not after I was put on the right medication for GAD. Have you got breathing and relaxation exercises to do? I wish I could think of other things to reassure and help you x


Hi hun i get this alot love and find it so scary i too cant explain the most scariest thoughts in my head i try to explain but feel like i cant explain how terrifying they are i feel as tho i am not breathing sometimes and as if i am not in my own body love it is scary and sometimes i have some good days but then when it comes like this week has been hard and ended up in hospital again and seems to have knocked me back again i know how you feel hun so keep blogging love everyone on here so nice and here to help xxx



These thoughts are really produced by a tired is almost as if you try to put a rational meaning to an irrational thought...but these thoughts have no power unless you give them some importance

Difficult as it may be the way to deal with them might be to just ignore them ..they are very frightening and can be more so the more you take notice of them.

Would it be possible for you to just say, silently or out loud...'this is fear, just fear, I have felt it before and I shall feel it again but it nothing will happen...fear is just a thought, it cannot hurt me'

I know you will probably have heard this before, but fear grows on fear....if you can see just for a moment that these thoughts have no power and are just produced by fear maybe you can just lie back and let the fear drift away, as it will once you cut off the fuel which keeps it going which is your fear of the fear.

I have had panic attacks for many years when I was young, I know how scary they are but I also know the only way to manage them and stop them controlling my life was by letting them be, I learned to say to myself 'ok, just hit me, I am not scared of you any more' and it worked! For by doing that I did not add more,fear to the panic I felt.......I really feel for you, I know how,real the terror feels.....but believe in yourself, you can do it, you really can....keep going and if you can get outside, no matter how nasty the weather is, and just,walk for a while you will find that helps too.

Shall be thinking of you.....Babushka


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