Had to go out today,,was feeling anxious from getting up,at going os in the past have had asthma/panic attacks while I'm outside,went out tues &wed cos it was pleasant &not cold ,I reached the bus stop I was struggling,got the bus to my stop got off to walk to library,stopped a lady who walked with me to library,had two puffs of inhaler took quite a while to kick in am still feelin anxious now,it's put me off going out at all now it seems to happen every time I go out out ,especially if it's cold,Funny thing was I checked my peak flow when I got in ,it was 500 ,got checked out by nurse practiser who said my chest was clear and not to worry,I'm really fed up with now

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  • Hi meg

    Reading your blog , I can feel your fear , but I can also see what a big thing you did today & please feel good about yourself for doing it !

    I can understand about you not wanting to go out especially when this happens more when it is cold outside , you may be like me & start to panic even before you get out

    Several years ago I was shopping , & I had such an awful experience , pains in my arms & face , I thought that was it , then GP told me it was fibro but ever since then I slowly stopped going out for the fear of it happening again

    I have to go out now & again , but its there in my mind , i can feel myself getting so wound up , I can feel pain , brought on by anxiety , before I even leave the house

    I no you suffer with asthma , but sounds like the anxiety , causing fear , is making you feel this way more as you say your peak flow was good , anxiety also makes us feel out of breath

    You faced things today & even though it was an ordeal you did it , be proud of yourself , the more you do it & get your confidence back , the easier it will get , I speak for myself here to

    Dont be fed up hun , I think you have showed great strength today




  • Thank u,also I am a little worried ,cos on tues I go for an endoscopy,iv had 1before,but that was many yrs ago ,I think I'm getting wound up over that too,Wat is fibro?

  • Hi

    Yes you will no doubt be feeling worried , even though you have had one before , i have had one to before & I would feel worried if I had to have another one as well , all adds up to how we feel , but i no you will do it , I think you are stronger than you think ;)

    Well I said fibo because its shorter than the long word which I will now spell wrong lol its fibomiralgia . bet thats the wrong spelling , its when every where aches , sensitive to touch , your bones , its not life threatening , but you are in discomfort , & can get very painful , again like you the cold weather makes mine worse & if on the odd time I go out in the cold , i ususally come in aching , so I no the fear you speak about

    You did do really well though my love , please give yourself some praise




  • Ok I will xxx

  • Good for you meg :)

    let us no how it goes on Tuesday


  • Yes I will do xxx

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