Hi all

Hi Peeps just to let you know i am still around :) sorry i have not been on for some time but i have been pushing my self so hard to take control my depression and anxiety that i have been sleeping alot.

I am now on my 20th+ day od no depression and have been going out everyday to places with lots of people! to make sure i show my self it can be done.

I have been having my CBT and the hard work starts next week with meeting 1 of 20 weeks of hard work, but i will beat this.

I hope all of you are have a great day, keep strong all.

Also i have a video blog that i am trying to get sorted for my morning that i had CBT so i just need to get it all made in to a video and i will have that posted.

Love you all




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11 Replies

  • Hi Trip

    Wonderful news I am so pleased things seem to be going so well for you , you deserve it hun

    Dont forget us ;)

    lovely to hear from you




  • Ah welcome back hun you had us all worried for a minute me and whywhy was wondering where you was glad you trying to push yourself love missed you :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Awww, Trip, lovely to hear from you, and that you're doing so well and being so strong - well done, lovely! Do let us see the video when you've got it finished, be fascinating! :)

    Hope you can come to the next Garden Party - we missed you on Sunday!

    Keep up the good work, hun, n keep us posted!




  • There is my lovely rose ...was ready to message to see if you were stuck in that fridge ...you domestic godess ;)


  • Great minds - i was just about to message you! :) xxxxx

  • Well I have messaged you lol


  • And I've message you! ROFL :-D xxxxx

  • Well done!! Pleased you feel better than before and keep going!!! :-) you can beat it!!! X

  • Thank you all X



  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • Hi Trip. Ah you sound so positive! :) x

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