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Trying to get back as normal ?

Hi iv been struggling with things for over a year now iv lost friends coz of my negative thinking , I'm trying to get back in to my job but still finding it very hard to cope with the people as I am meant to supervise staff in a factory, work has been good and not pushed me in to doing any thing that I feel unease with, so iv not been doing my job that I get payed for, but I have got to get in to it soon as work will not wait for ever.

I'm still waiting for the NHS to give me CBT to help me been waiting for over 6 months now I know it's a busy thing but u know your selfs u just need the help your self don't u ! As I do beat my self up with a lot of things by self harming. Anyway this is just so u know a bit about me and any help would be great fully received .

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Hi. Canon. You are going through the 'mill' aren't you? First may I say that the word STRUGGLE really sums up your re-actions. You are suffering from Nervous Fatigue and the more you struggle the more tired you will get. So, GIVE UP STRUGGLING. As far as your job is concerned you seem to have a sympathetic employer so you have help there. You are, however, flogging yourself with guilt. You do not think you are doing the job you are paid for.

'I have got to get to it soon as work will not wait for ever'. ANTICIPATION and APREHENSION will not help either. Do as much as you can in the circumstances and to the best of your ability and stop flogging yourself with feelings of inadequacy. Your employer will appreciate you more if you are seen to be trying.The CBT may help but in the meantime just go with"IT". Do not FIGHT "IT". You give "IT" more energy that way and things seem worse. It is always difficult to cope with people when in this state; it is a normal symptom of anxiety. The friends you have lost may have gone because they do not understand what is happening to you and it frightens them. Stay with it but stop the struggle. You have seen your GP. Have they given you anything to tide you over this episode? If not you should ask as you may need it as a temporary measure. More will follow from others. Please listen to them. They know what they are talking about. Blessings and kind regards. jonathan.


Thanks Jonathan yer I'm on antidepressants , but not sure if they are working now been on then for about 7months now , the thing with my friends now is I feel iv not got anyone now and I spend a lot of time just in my room on my own and I did have someone to talk to but not now..


Hi. Canon. You may need Tranquilisers but only your GP can help in this. I would strongly suggest that you go and see if they can help. You have got someone to talk to. Here. Try and read some of the blogs on this site. The people who wrote them have all been in the state you are in and can be a great help. Hope you can begin to resolve your problems at work. Best wishes. jonathan.


hi canon, dont worry about coming on here and spilling out your feelings. we are all friends on here,and you know the old saying.....its good to talk. ! we all need to talk to someone,and if that means talking on here,its a good you build your confidence up,you will feel able to confide in others. just a few weeks ago,i was down there with you,but today feel quite strong and back in control. so,this can happen for you also,just keep really will help.


hi talk to people on here ,i have only just found the site and people have helped me so much already.You can open up on here ,they are so understanding and give good advise and listen to you ,please give it a go, there are real genuine people who care .



Thanks for all your comments, I do feel very alone even thou I do have family around and some people don't understand that, they say but u have every thing! But that's not what it's about... So things like that makes me feel very selfish and that I only think of my self..

And I don't went people to think of me like that . I had a best friend I told her most things I talked to her nearly every day on the net but I think she's got fed up with me and I don't hear from her no more and that's killing me coz I think so mush of her, so coz now I feel even more on my own and don't know what to do about it ??


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