Anxiety ruins my life

Hi I'm a 50 yr old female I've had anxiety and depression for years. I've tried setraline and citrolopram they make me feel like a zombie. My doc is unsympathetic and has no time for me. I've tried cbt that didn't work. My grandson moved far away in Feb this year we are so close it started my anxiety again I have to deal with this but it's hard. Any tips or similar situations would be great or maybe just a chat. Thanks


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  • Hia, ive also suffered with depression all my life, I am 49, turns out I have bipolar and BPD, alongside paranoia, and other nasties, I am taking seroxate and carbamazepine, the C. takes away my high which I love because I can get things done then, I was discharged from my entire network of help and support 6 yrs ago and have been fighting ever since, no one wants to know because no one understands, I was signed off from work after a nervous breakdown in dec 2002 and 12 months after I lost my job because of being off sick for too long, now this government has says Im well enough to go back to work, they've taken all my money and im about to lose my home, the Dr still wont sign me back, so I agree poor mental health has ruined my life, I do feel for you as life is a very lonely exsistance xxx

  • Hi thanks for replying I'm the same I want to work but can't cope from day to day so it's hard people think it's a cop out buts its not nobody understands unless they've lived it. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow to discuss this and get some new medication .I've joined loads of sites like this but no one ever replied.

  • The government and benefits people couldn't give a monkey's about people with depression and anxiety. No help at all I'm not workshy in the least just some days I feel grandson who I'm very close to moved far away from me and that started my anxiety again .

  • Morning scoobyd and welcome to the site....... Im sorry to hear about your recent struggles...... its an ongoing battle and Im sure you will find good support on here......

    I have had trouble with my son over the last two years, and the last year he hasn't spoke to me so I understand your heartache with having your grandson move away.......My son has spoke to me recently but its going to be a long road back to any sort of normal!!

    Could you maybe see a different Doc, maybe ask for cbt again, maybe with someone different it would help this time?? What about approaching your local mind charity to see it they can help??

    Sending love and hugs

    Ker ;-)

  • Thanks I thought about trying another doctor.and hope it goes well with your son. Families eh who'd have them. I've got 4 children age my grandson who moved was my 1st born and it breaks my heart I really can't cope with it he was also my youngest sons best friend. He comes down in the hols but I have a massive panic attack when he goes back.

  • Id go back to the docs if it was me, maybe see someone else, let them know how bad you feel and that you need help, maybe some counselling too to come to terms with the situ with your grandson, its a loss youre dealing with and sometimes we struggle....... Do you have a partner or friends around?? x

  • I live alone with my youngest son. My family just don't understand and say get. Over it they have my son though and take him out and on holiday so that helps.

  • Yes family can be like this at times, mine are fantastic but still don't understand the pain im going through over my son.....but they just want us to be well that's all!! Id go back to your docs luv and try be assertive and tell them how hard it is for you and you need some support xx

  • Just chatting and getting it off your chest makes it a little better

  • Hi,

    I've suffered with depression and anxiety for a very long time and yes people don't want to know because they don't understand what we go through. It can be a very lonely place. I'm not on medication any more... Fed up of side effects and feeling like a zombie! I manage by using "mindfulness" and exercise. I use to work in retail but left as it wasn't helping me health wise...I now walk dogs which I love.. Gets me outside and I get the exercise!:) You can find mindfulness on line or speak to your doctor about it. Xxx

  • Thanks will have a look. I've got a dog and take it for walks quite often.

  • Hi scoobyd

    Already you have been chatting & had lots of good advice , just wanted to say hello & welcome :)




  • Hi and thanks. It's a fantastic response I've had already just chatting to different people and listening to their experiences makes it a little better

  • Oh I am pleased & it does help

    Keep talking , rant , what ever helps , always someone to listen on here :)


  • Hya scoobyd, ive suffered for years with anxiety, tried medication but it made me worse, so i use alternatives, camomile tea, valerian, and at the moment, on hrt, which has perked me up a bit. This site is brilliant for talking, getting advice, and just talking to others who can relate to whatever we are going through, because most people prefer to ignore anything to do with mental health..xx

  • Thanks I've got kalms day and kalms sleep. Vanilla hush tea but it's rotten. I mite try jogging see if that helps

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