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Count down. How do I get through it?


I have booked my flight home. I just need to figure out how to get to the 20th of January without loosing it completely in the mean time. I know all the 'one day at a time' stuff but I need to know how to do that! These one days are just so so long and dark. Any tips on how to cope guys? I know I am posting way too much and I'm sorry for that.

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Aww, hun, first of all, you are NOT posting too much - you can't. on here. We're here to support each other, and if anyone needs more support at any time, that's fine. You're not in a good place, emotionally or geographically, so KEEP POSTING! :)

How do you get through? Well, first, get some sort of calendar - if you've got Word you can print one off, or just a piece of paper with the days from now to 20th January. Then, you can cross the days off as they pass - and they will, faster than you think.

Make lists. What do you need to do - packing, how are you going to get to the airport, who do you want to arrange to meet for a "goodbye" coffee/drink with?

Is there anywhere in London you would like to visit but haven't yet? Schedule in a visit - be a "tourist" for a few weeks. Take loads of photos.

i know you've volunteered for Crisis at Christmas - do they need people through January? Ask them, bet they will! Volunteer for whatever you can.

Have you got Google Earth? Easy to download if you haven't. Get onto Google Earth, find your home - go to "street view" and think - in 3 weeks - 2 weeks - 1 week - I'll be walking down that road for real.

Day-dream. Lie down, close your eyes, imagining stepping off the plane in Australia, feel the sun on your skin, hear the familiar accents, the smells, the sights. Let yourself "be" there for a little while!

Take long baths - put lots of calming stuff in it - lavender is good - and soak the sadness and the tension away.

It's less than 3 weeks, hun - which I think (my maths is hopeless!) is less than 0.08% of the average lifespan!! :)

You can do it! You WILL do it!

Good luck and lots of love



Good advice from BriarRose.....I found dark nights the hardest..they pass quicker with company..or if you don,t want this, even sitting reading or on computer in a library is out of your surroundings.

Take a magazine, buy a coffee and sit in your local Mcdonalds..anything but living in your own head at the moment. Hard to believe but these places distract your thoughts away from you..even by people watching lol........

Hi Cass,

You get through it by working your way through all the advice above; it's fantastic. By the time you've done all that it'll be time to board the flight.

Seriously, love, it will pass and it will pass quickly.

Best Wishes.x

Hi Cass, I know plenty of people who have traveled the globe and the one thing they regret is not making notes of their experience, the odd little ways, the names of things, places, people they have met, they recall the experiences well enough just not the fine detail. I'm just wondering if this isn't something you have done already then maybe use the next few weeks jotting down all the sights and sounds of your journey good and bad so that in years to come you can reflect on them, pass them onto your grandchildren :) x

hi cass,

you can try and break each day into smaller amounts until you only have to get through the next ten minutes.

you've got some great suggestions here and can come on here and chat..




Hiya Cass, aww i feel like putting my arms around you and giving you a big hug {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}. Ive a daughter your age, and id be heartbroken if i knew she was feeling like you and on the other side of the world. Do you skype your parents/bros/sisters? Might be a good idea if you could. My other daughter went to Greece on a working holiday, she was so homesick, she came home after 3 weeks, my anxiety was terrible then until she got back. She did regret coming back home after a couple of weeks in good old UK with the rain we have had in the summer lol

Anyways, try all above mentioned tips, and rant on here any time you want.


Lin x

Merry Christmas, Cass,

I hope you have got through today and are ok.x

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