Would you use dirty water to wash your clothes?

Hello everyone. I would like to share some food for thought. To say this, it may sound like an oxymoron because it is too much thinking that gets us into trouble in the first place. However, this may help many suffering from anxiety to understand how to heal. Anxiety does not have a single cause and many people experience anxiety due to a great variety of reasons. However, it is safe to say that people with healthy bodies and healthy minds have virtually zero chance to even understand what anxiety really is. Anxiety, as I understand it, is not an illness but a symptom of something going haywire inside our body and mind. Its all connected. Our body/mind system is magnificent bio-machine that continously works on resolving a multitude of issues daily beyond our conscious control. Only about 4% to 5% of all illnesses are due to genetic issues. That leaves about 95% of all illnesses to environmental factors. So is anxiety genetic? Unlikely. In some rare situations maybe but the percentage is probably extremely low. In Europe 40% of population suffers from depression so clearly it cannot be genetic. Depression and anxiety are related like brother and sister or opposite sides of a coin. Since over 95% of all illnesses are due to a variety of environmental factors, we can clearly assume that the onset of any illness is, to some extent at least theoretically, in our control. We cannot all move to an area with incredible pure air and pristine clean waters, however, we can minimize many factors to a great extent wherever we live by choosing consciously what we do and what we think. With that, here is that food for thought: Would you use dirty water to wash your clothes? And if you did, would you then even wear those clothes? Extremally unlikely. But this is exactly what many of us do with our selves! We pollute our bodies with junk foods, alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, pain killers, etc. We pollute our minds with horrific news, junk tv, vibrationally negative music, engage in negative conversations or thoughts, anger, jelousy, negative people, stressful jobs, prolonged stress, etc. You can update these lists with hundreds more examples if you wish. So we all look spanking clean on the outside but how does exactly our inside looks? How do we clean our bodies and minds from the ever present body/mind pollution? Anxiety is a sympton of our own, mostly unconscious, self abuse. And this abuse lasts lifetimes for many. So each individually please ask yourself this question: would your body be more healthy by adding more pollution to it? How about your mind? Would adding any additional negative stimulation help it be more healthy? There is a saying and I believe it goes like this: "In healthy body there is a healthy mind".

So, if you want to start somewhere, doing a 'laundry' with clean water may be the best thing you ever did to yourself yet.

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  • Skyraknight - I understand and want to believe. Tell me how I can use clean water? I cannot simply turn off external stimulant from my environment unless I became a hermit. I want to"cure" myself. I want to ease my depression and anxiety. How?

  • Here is simple analogy. Let's look at a flashlight. When the batteries are 'fresh' and strong the flashlight will emit powerful bright light. It will stay like this for a long time. However, when the batteries start to get weak the beam of light will no longer be as bright. Agreed? Also note that the weak, spent batteries look exactly the same as new ones but just on the outside. Do you agree? It's the same with us. We cannot peak into the inside of our bodies yet by observation and how we feel we know something is off. We don't shine bright light anymore. So when you detoxify your body and mind and recharge it by offer good, clean energy you certainly will feel better and stronger. And there is nothing to believe here whether it is true or not. These are fundamental laws of nature at work. Examoke, if you have a flu virus do you feel your best? Many times you will feel totally spent without any energy to do anything at all but lay in bed pretty much dormant. This is your immune system at work that throws not only the towel but the kitchen sink itself at the viral infection to make you healthy again. There is no difference with any other illness with regard how your body responds to a problem. Anxiety is no different. It is our system fighting and asking for our attention. Because there are so many reasons unknown as to what is causing anxiety here YOU have to throw everything at it including the kitchen sink. Most of causes are still unknown and will remain unknown for many years to come. However, the overuse of antibiotics have created strains of bacteria that excrete neurotoxins which adversely affect the brain and our general health. Parasites living and feeding inside us also create powerful neurotoxins in their excretes. Heavy metals will affect the brain in a number of adverse ways. These are just a few examples so what's causing you to experience anxiety could be a variety of things. That's why the kitchen sink comes in handy. So, once you detoxify your body and consume only what's best for your body you can recharge those batteries and shine again with brightest light possible. The same goes for the mind. Have you ever received any concrete information from parents, schools, or elsewhere on how to clean the mind? Unlikely. But the mind has to be detoxified as well in order to function at its best. Look around, do you see people's minds working well? It's mostly rubbish, just look at the news. Look at children how happy they are. They constantly smile. And after a fight it takes them minutes to completely forget about what just happened. They are smiling again. Notice that children also start every day with wonder. How do we start our day? With coffee and lots of stress. Do you see the adults smile with the same frequency? How long do adults stay upset after an incident? Hours? Days? Years? We tend to hold on to our hurts for lifetimes! We care about the 'hurt' baggage as if it was our most valued possession worth more than gold! It does strengthens the ego but are we any more happier?

    So you don't have to become a hermit but you have to become more mindful of what's going on around you, how it affects you. You have to be more mindful what kind if thoughts run through your mind as much what you can. Do what you can do. What you cannot don't do don't do but do something. Start with your diet. Detoxify body and mind. It may not be pleasant at first. Shifting your diet and lifestyle choices can be a challenge so don't be too hard on yourself. Just know that your body will repay you with interst for your efforts in no time.

    Notice that all my words and sentences are merely direction pointers. Just start on the road and wish to be happy and healthy as if it was the number one goal in your life. You will feel better. Much better. Perhaps so good you have never felt like that before.

  • Sorry skyraknight i firstly do accept freedom of speech and we are all allowed to have our own opinions and conclusions - if only Anxiety was a simple thing to diminish from our lives then we would All be free of it - I've battled many many years of Anxiety and Depression- long before pollution was nothing more than a spent fart - and trust me I've wished Not for Riches etc but literally Wished Not to feel this way- but sadly life isn't as easy as that - I do however wish to thank you for every word you have said and hope others can make these changes work for them . Respect to you . Elle

  • Dear Elle. I agree with you 100%. Anxiety is not simple to get rid of and nowhere I said or implied that it was easy. My anxiety took me to the deepest realms of hell where my anxiety episodes would run for up to six hours at a time twice or three times within 24 hour period every single day for many years. Every day I was dying, at least if felt like that. Everyday I had same episodes plus some new ones. I remember when I first went to the doctor he didn't know to which specislist to send me first. So I ended up going to more than 20. 50+ doctors and 3 years and no diagnosis. Not even anxiety diagnosis. I was a human wreck. My life fell apart. My finances fell apart. My friends vanished. My own father and mother have run away. Do you think I didn't experience depression at some point? Do you think I didn't think there was no point to look for salvation enywhere else. I wasn't on my knees. I was down flat on my stomach waiting for death. It took many years to even acknowledge that I was dealing with anxiety and depression. Of course it couldn't happen to me! I was in a way successful full of energy and zest for life. But something broke me and I didn't know what the heck has happened to me. When I had more energy, I read books, listen to youtube programs, attended countless medical seminars online, etc. I must have spent at least 10,000 hours to get to understand couses of variety of illnesses, reasons for them and potential cures. I have seen doctors on 3 continents. I have seen healers, shamans, energy workers, etc. I took pharmaceuticals, hundred of different supplements only to realize that adding more was not necessarily better that taking stuff out from the body and mind. So I think you are marginalizing by suggesting that I said pollution may be the cause. But how do you even define pollution in the first place? Let's add some meaning to pollution. It's not just air or water affected. It's everything. Not only our bodies are polluted with elements but our mind with negativity. I implore you to read my posts again but this time with an open heart. I am not telling anyone what to do but pointing what can be done to loose the cane. And what's the cane I am talking about? It's the superficial quick fix with pharmaceuticals that last short time before new one have to be added. In some cases yes but in most i don't believe it's a way to go to heal body and mind. Do you think the reason for the headache is the lack of pain killers? Of course it's not. So is healing anxiety. It's definitely not easy. As a matter of fact it's hard because one has to redefine self. There is work involved. It may last weeks, months or even years but results can be nothing short of miraculous. So I am sorry, I don't really believe you have tried everything yet. Poping a pill is not hard work. Changing the state of mind from negative to positive is, however. Changing our habits is hard work too. But the result are worth the pain and worth the wait. Unfortunately, we all live in such a fast pace world we hardly have the true time for ourselves. The information is out there and many people are anxiety free. Maybe not so much on this site. So, I am letting you and everyone else know there is hope. Don't just throw the bath water with the child. Try it and see what happens. Clear you body. Clear your mind. Don't allow any negativity into your mind or life. Say no to negative news. Surround yourself with good hearted people. Do some meditation. Do some breathing excercises. Do something good for your soul. See what happens. I have done it. I have seen results. I am sharing these results with everyone here who is desperate to understand what is happening and how to heal.

    I am sorry Elle for your frustration and pain. I wish that you wake up one of these mornings soon symptoms free and greet the day with a radiant happy smile. And i understand that it is so hard to simply be positive after so many years of suffering. Please know that I have experienced this pain myself for many, many years. God bless you Elle!!!

  • skyraknight, If you were at the podium of all the medical lectures I attended as well, at the end of your speech, I would have stood up and clapped. You've done everything that I have done over the years of dealing with anxiety (short of traveling)

    I literally turn this world upside down to understand as well as find answers. I went so far as to do my own survey of 200 people having anxiety disorder. It prompted me to have 3 large hospitals in Chicago put on community medical seminars.

    I was hell bent to not continue like this. I was strong, I was not going to let this beat me. And it didn't. But like you said, it is not easy, It takes work and perseverance but the outcome is unbelievably worth it.

    I agree to every word you said, my thoughts exactly. But you said it so much better than I ever could. Thank you for your words of wisdom through life experience. Take care. x

  • I sincerely apologise and I am so very sorry for not knowing what you have been through and the reasoning behind the article you wrote , please forgive me for my ignorance .

    I absolutely commend you for your strength of being and searching so long for a cure which could help outside the use of medicine- you are a totally inspiring person and I will admit to having a tear in my soul reading the anguish and pain you have experienced in life - I think deep down I am living with anger inside awaiting multiple biopsy results and I'm looking for something to escape fear and should have looked up a different topic instead of jumping the gun when i mistook your words as I did instead of analysing them - Yes I suffer from depression and I know what it feels like when feeling the world is the last place I want to be in - my head is all over the place right now so please forgive me for losing the plot I sincerely am sorry Skyraknight .

  • Dear Elle. No need to apologise, nevertheless thank you for responding. Perhaps there was another reason you stumbled upon my post. I don't know, just maybe. I do understand yours and others frustration with anxiety and especially someone like you who have dealt with it for so many years. It just takes all away from you and then some. And I am sorry to hear your anguish awaiting the biposy results. As I said before, my frustration has taken me over to many MD doctors, ND's, alternative medicine, healers, shamans, energy workers, etc. here in Unuted States, Europe. and India. Perhaps I can share with you something tangible. Its information where you can get a different kind of help leading possibly to complete healing. He is a medical doctor but he is so much more than that. I have met him personally and was treated by him in his office in Ohio. They haf him on Dr Oz episide, worth watching. Give them a call and have skype session if you cannot go there in person right away. I know for a fact that he has healed many people who suffered with cancer and everything else imaginable. They call him a miracle doctor for a reason. Check the site drnemeh.com/

    and watch some videos here drnemehtv.com

    I have one more place where 'miracles' do happen if you ever need one but check Dr. Nemeh first.

    God Bless you!

  • skyraknight

    Thankyou for your kind words and understand which are very comforting and informative .

    I will take your advice and watch the links you gave me with thanks to you for giving them to me . Wishing you a happy day , take care cos I care . Thankyou , Elle.

  • Thank you Agora1. I was beginning to doubt if anyone really cares to listen. It certainly looks that what you have done with your findings is so much more that I have done so far. For that, I commend you with my highest regard and my lowest bow. It's so difficult to get the message across as people are programmed for a quick fix. I don't blame anyone as I was in the same mindframe before. For me the hell broke loose a year after getting of 4 years of antibiotics and 6 months of Accutane 'therapy'. I didn't see the connecting dots until years later. The inability of medical establishment to help me in any way left me dumbfounded and speechless. And I don't even blame the doctors but the medical schools and the forces that finance them. It's so difficult to wake up from the nightmare. You look and look towards the people you have held in the highest regard your whole life, professionals you've thought to have at least some intelligent answers only to hear silence. The explanations I have gotten from them now seem like a twisted horrific comedy show. The emergency care is at their best. They can revive a dead person ok. But curing anything is a very sad story. With that said, I hope at least one person takes your and mine experiences to heart and tries them. Cheers!

  • It's unbelievable.....my feelings exactly.

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