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It’s been a while

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So am out tomorrow evening. First time in months. Girls night. Not sure about the drinking side. Haven’t drank a drop in a long time. I’ve been really good with the anxiety so really don’t want to rock the boat but also want to enjoy my evening. Everyone will be drinking 😐

Anyone else had breaks from drinking then drank again? Does it bring anxiety on again ?

Maybe I’ll stick to the orange juice !


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I drink but I limit myself so I won’t be affected

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Miss-P74 in reply to christian_

Hi Christian. Yes. All in moderation right! Thanks for your reply. 😊 I’ll take it easy. See how I feel after half a glass.

try to enjoy yourself if u decide to have a drank lol dnt go iverboard im sure one or 2 wouldnt hurt and what i do is i always drink lots of water if ive been drinking yay to girls night have fun!

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Miss-P74 in reply to Cwoods

Aww thank you for your kind reply ! Yes. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt. It’s the next day that sucks ! I’m not sure yet if I will or I won’t. See how I go. Yes! Who doesn’t love a girls night ! Water and food first right! Enjoy your weekend

Lotsa love ⭐️

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Cwoods in reply to Miss-P74

hahahaha sure long as u have fun and u dont have to drink to do that thank u i will try my best to enjoy my weekend

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Miss-P74 in reply to Cwoods

Haven’t had a drop in a long time. I’m sure even without a drop I’ll still be amazing ! Haha. Good I’m sure you deserve too 💕 x

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