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my god, my daughter lost her dad last friday. he was 52 yrs old. i was with him for 21 yrs since i was 16. i am trying to be there for her but i am such a mess, i swear he has done it to get me out of house, im kidding. he had hep c too, as i have and my daughter has only just told me that he couldnt leave his house. now he is dead. coroner said he proberbly died in his sleep with heart failure. i hope so as he was soooo scared of dying. i went to identify body in hospital and i cant get image out of my mind. i havent seen or spoken to him in 4 yrs and i feel so guilty. god help us i dont know how to deal with this shit. im 45 and have never lost anyone close to me. i still have both my parents and my daughter is 26 and has just lost her dad. i will be there for her. i love her and feel for her sooooo much. xxx im a mess. how will . i cant go on im in tears xxxxxx

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I have messaged you hun



Oh no love how awful for the both of you i know its hard to lose someone close to you and although you havent spoken for a while he was still the father to your child and deep down this still must hurt both you and your daughter i dont know how you are managing to cope when you feel so distressed yourself and all the feelings must be so mixed i know its hard and i had the same when i lost my father you will get through this somehow and you will learn to cope but you both need to comfort each other in the best way you can when my dad died i was too busy focusing on helping my mum worried how she would cope without him scared something would happen to my mum through the heartache she endured and this is why it is only now my heartache has really hit home and have now started to accept he longer here with me and this is why my anxiety and panic started try to grieve with your daughter now rather than pushing it to the back of your mind this will only hit you later on like it has me i really sympathise with you both and send all my love to you both sad time but support each other cry together until you can cry no more then you will be able to focus together on getting through this all my love xxxxxxxx


Oh, Cookie, hun, I'm so so so sorry, my love. I know there isn't much anyone can say atm, but you WILL get through this, sweetheart, as will your daughter!!! It's so hard, but you will come through - just support each other as much as you can, hun, and know that everyone one here is "here" for you - rant and wail as much as you like/need on here, hun.

Sending big warm conforting hugs, hun, wish I could say something to make the pain go away but know we all love you!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((Cookie and daughter)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Lots of love




Thoughts are with you at this sad time but i agree with BriarRose we are all here to support and help each other. Sometimes words can help you get through what you thought never possible.

Big hugs

Seyi xxx


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