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Hey guys so, pretty much most days I have not pain, but tiny little pinches in random places of my head. Commonly bottom left and right. Now this pain on a scale of 1/10 is like a 1 but me feeling the pain will send me into an anxiety attack. Alongside this I do sometimes have a full head feeling a hot face. So I usually blow a fan to cool it. I've always had neck problems due to the way I would sit whether that be straining my neck looking slightly up at a game or leaning so it's an awkward position for my neck it isn't pain in my neck it's like a muscle ache that's been there months. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the slight pinches going from my right side of the neck all the way up to the top. Now I am. BIG worrier, I keep ruining myself with worry about tumour or anyreusim to the point I feel sick... This pain isn't severe just quick random pinches every now and again. Now I did get diagnosed with sinisitus and anxiety so I have no idea what could be causing it whether it be me straining my neck muscles and back muscles for months on end or it the sinuses.... Just need reassurance. Above all else just got the flu yesterday but this doesn't concern me or have a thing to do with these pains as I felt them months before. I've been to A&E and the doctor looked at me and said calm down you don't have either of those symptoms would be extremely worse... So like I said reassurance please :/


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  • Have no clue why it's tagged cocaine or low diet ignore those tags

  • Hi Ollybolly, believe the A&E doctor when he tells you to calm down. I hope I can reassure you that those tiny little pinches in random places of your head are coming from your neck muscles being so tight that it presses on the nerves causing the erratic pinches. I have the same thing because I put so much of my stress on my neck muscles as you do. I use heat packs to relax the muscles and put less pressure on the nerves. It is nothing to worry about. The more you worry the tighter it gets. Try to avoid awkward positions of your neck. You are not alone in feeling this.

  • Yet again you've reassured me which I like, didn't go to the doctors in the end I've come down with the flu and oh my when you have panic attacks with the flu it's diabolical. Surprisingly doesn't scare me although paramedics had to be called cause temperature was 40 degrees and heart racing 140bpm due to anxiety. But I hope it's my neck it does always ache on one side which is wear the pain is and I remember a doctor telling me it's all linked

  • Hi Ollybolly, as a former paramedic I feel I have the inner track in knowing for myself when it is stress related or a medical issue. That along with the expertise of a doctor's diagnosis helps me get through physical illness. Although I do find that the less we worry about getting sick, the stronger our immune system becomes, the healthier we stay. I wish you well with your flu symptoms and hope you feel better soon. Remember to drink a lot of fluids, get enough rest and most of all "don't worry"..... x

  • I'll try not to worry, but when you suddenly get sharp pains randomly it starts scaring you, can feel an attack coming on :/. Paramedics are very friendly met them yesterday

  • Ollybolly, when you get those random pains, sharp or pinchy is when you have to redirect your thoughts. Once you get scared or preoccupied with the pain it will escalate into an anxiety attack. Remember what your doctor said in that it is all linked together.

  • I'll try, I truly believe it's my muscles all screwed and not the worst..

  • I also believe the flu can cause many sharp pains head and body

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