Not feeling happy with myself

Hello everyone

Right now i am going through a rough patch with realtionships and starting to take a toll on my health. am shaking at night time and my thigh aches and tighten up! Just tonight my chest feel tight and lump in my voicebox! I have tired having a relax bath, listening to music and reading a book! And herbal remady spary but None of this helps :(! I havnt approched the doctor as i feel like i dont want to atm! If anyone know any ideas or tips how yo settle down at night, would be much appriacted! Amz x x


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7 Replies

  • Hi Amziox

    You seem to be trying most things to help , night times can be the worst when suffering with anxiety , all your symptoms seem typical of how it makes us feel

    I do think as you are trying most things & they are not working you should approach your GP , iI no you say you dont want to , but , they could maybe give you something to help , there is nothing to feel bad about , they have heard it all before , please give it some thought , it would be a big help




  • Hello lovie

    I just worries about going to the gp! Thnkyou for your advice :)


  • Try not to worry about going to GP , lots of us struggle going including myself , you could always write down how you feel & pass it them , there are a few of us on here that have done that , as we find it hard to talk , & Gp's are used to hearing everything , they are there to help

    Keep using the site & get support




  • Hi Amziox

    I find when I get like that i do a breathing excercise wich helps lesson the intesity of the the anxiety and worry. It is a simple breathing excercise that helps. You breath in for the count of four then hold your breath for the count of four then breath out for the count of four and hold again for the count of four. Repeat this cycle whilst concentrating on your breathing when you breath out expand your stomach, if you do this for a few minutes it will help reduce any immediate anxiety you are feeling now. What you are experiencing sounds like you could be worrying excessively and that is triggering the anxiety. Anxiety can cause all sorts of body sensations and pains so it sounds like you are highly anxious with worry. I would say if you are finding it difficult to cope with the relationship issues and you think it could be this causing your worry it might be worth getting in touch with your GP they may be able to arrange some kind of therapy to help you to cope much better with the situation. Lots of people have difficulting coping with all sorts of different things so you wont be the first one to visit your GP with this issue. They are there to help with both your physical and mental wellbeing.

    I hope everything goes ok for you.

    Take care


  • Hello thankyou so much i shall try that!

    Yes i think your right i do over worry way to much i just getting fed up as things seem a lot better and work and family are all okay! Very strNge!

    Thankyou :) x

  • I'm having a rough patch in my relationship at the moment and it's given me really bad anxiety, I thought I'd learnt how to manage it but all of a sudden I'm back to having really irrational thoughts and I've been really fatigued over the last week. I've only just joined this website and you're the first post I've read...I don't have a lot of advice to offer other than I've found breathing exercises help, but I just suddenly feel a lot less alone :)

    Take care

  • Hello

    This website great for advice lots of lovely people out there :)! Thankyou i shall try that just going through a odd patch!

    Hope ita all okay for you!

    Take care amy :) x

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