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Worst week yet?

Haven't been on here for a while as I'm oop north at the mother in laws. She has terminal cancer and we got called on sunday to say shes bedridden so we have hauled ass and are now caring round the clock giving morphine and meds. She hasn't long. To really add to it i nearly ran out of meds and had to taxi it to find a gp for prescription etc. Was waking up for first few days with panic attacks, not eating and trying to care for her. Things are better now we have a routine but this makes every other anx sit. seem pathetic!

Just to really finish it it's her birthday on Mar the 2nd and We are getting married on the 16th. :((((

Tip: Don't smoke it does f.a for nerves take kalms instead! and look after your mum!



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Hi Oldhand very sorry to hear everything you are having going on :(

Keep posting your blog to clear your head :)

All the best.




Hi Oldhand. I am so sorry to hear that :( that is really tough. No wonder you are experiencing what you are experiencing. You sound very strong though.

I hope everything goes OK and your mother in law can find strength for her birthday and I hope you have a lovely wedding.



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