Worst times of my life

I have just turned 20 and got diagnosed with serve anxiety about 4 to 5 month ago but the docs say I would have had it longer they are saying its through my mums death but I don't get it I mean I talk to my self most of the time I can't sleep I have the most weirdest physical symtoms I didn't even no was possible I just keep thinking I am dieing and to make it worse I think thers only me with it could anyone please share her physical symptoms of any sort would realy help thank you.


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  • Hi John, Your'e not dying love....you have anxiety and that can take the form of almost any physical symptom you can believe and ......you are definitely not on your own!!!!. Whatever symptom you have you can be sure it's a common one. It's very, very hard to accept that anxiety can cause you to feel so ill love ....but if you have been checked for everything else then it will be true. You are very young and I was 24 when I first experienced a panic attack. Don't imagine I have suffered ever since then, Iv'e had years of lovely life experiences but now and again it creeps up and surprises me. You will recover love, it will take time but don't be put off by this. Take every bit of treatment you can get and if you are not getting any , ASK FOR IT. Don't let them fob you off. You are precious and deserve the best. Again I stress ANXIETY CAN NOT KILL YOU OR HARM YOU IN ANY WAY. What you are getting is feelings gone wrong, just amplified beyond endurance. It can be cured. Hang in there

    Love and Hugs x Ella x

  • i no i tell myself it cant harm me but everytime i get a physical symptom i always fink the worst they put me on some pills and that made me have a massive attack then they give me mirtazapine that help me sleep abit but nah i am off them trying to use counsiling now instead.. i have used regreational drugs to and obv this did not help me i always feel like thers something goin on inside me x

  • hi sorry to hear what your going through. your not going to die its just anxiety and you do get horrible physical sympton. ive had anxiety and panic for 4 months. are you taking and meds for your anxiety and have you refered for cbt therapy it could help you to understand how anxietys works. i experience alot of sympthoms like fast heartbeat, ringing in my ears , tight chest a feeling of not being able to breath or not getting enough air and really werid tight numb feeling in my head and my legs jerk alot but you can experince all sorts of feelings .they are just feelings and they are not gunna harm you or kill you :). what symthoms do u get?

  • thanks for commenting and i get like a brain fog i feel like im not in the room and also i playd rugby for 15 years but now i am to worried about my health but my doc says i am fine and that im healthy same with the hostpital also more symptoms racing heart feeling sick hot and cold flashes shocks and tingles any many more!! ano i no it cant kill me but when the symptoms happen you get the same thaughts all the time lol

  • Hi john as ellabella says Panic/Anxiety can not harm you. I started with Anxiety and Panic Attacks when I was 24 . They just came out of the blue one night. I am now 61yrs and still suffer Anxiety. I have worked full time and raised 3 children. 2 of which suffer Panic Attacks. As for symptoms I will go through a typical Panic Attack

    Bang !! what the hell is happening? i`m going to die

    I can not focus. I am going to faint,I feel sick,I want to go to the toilet.This is unreal. I am bent over doubleThis is it I am definatly going to die. I am pacing up and down. My heart is racing.What shall I do?. I need an Ambulance.I am going to have a heart attack.I am terrified.Everything is unreal and out of control. Sound familular??

    I like many on this site have been to the Casualty Department on many occasions to be told its a Panic Attack. With Anxiety we tend to feel Anxious all the time for no reason and this is why we often think something is wrong with us.There are lots of things you can do . Firstly see your GP who may refer you to a CBT therapist. The experts tell us to stay with the Panic Attack, the fight or Flight. Very difficult to try and work out what is happening when you are feeling sheer terror.

    Please look at the blogs from other members on this sight. You will get lets of support and realise YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE from this

    Always here to listen Love


  • thanks alot and ive seen my gp loads of times the just say i am fine and i been to hostpital too and had blood test they say i am fine too but i never feel fine i cant even go out with my mates x

  • Has your GP tried you on propanalol. Since taking 40mg 3 times a day my symptoms have reduced considerably. I am, however, taking other meds related to severe anxiety/panic attacks (first one April 2013, I'm 52 years young btw), plus an SSNRI - Venlafaxine. I now have an assessment appointment for CBT and look forward to seeing any possible positive results. Please believe me I, like millions of others around the world - and through the ages - have been where you are. You WILL come through this okay.

    I wish you well.


  • Hi John. Yes I can confirm what the others have said. Anxiety produces all sorts of weird sensations, thoughts and feelings. When they come try to label them as "just anxiety", and do deep breathing exercises. I was tought how to do deep breathing by a CBT therapist. If you have not done this, then you can probably find out how, by googling it. By doing deep breathing at the sames time as calmly labelling the sensation as "just anxiety" you will take the sting out of the anxiety.

  • i love this site. it keeps me sane. i have suffered with anxiety most of my life but in the past few months it is running my life. its so nice not to be on my own. i have a wonderfull family and freinds but they just have no idea what it feels like and why.

  • Hear, hear - I'm also so thankful I've found this site. I've had anxiety all my life but the symptoms have been really bad this year and reading everyone else's experiences here has been a huge reassurance. Thankfully, at the moment, I'm feeling nearly "normal" and able to go out and baout again without worrying how I'm going to be - long may it last. Big thanks to you all for sharing your experiences.

  • hi john on reading your post, i felt really sad , i was mis diagnosed when my dad died of cancer , he was 54 , i was 21. i thought the world was ending , i was dying at one point. i am now 47 and still have not had bereavment councilling for my dads death. i now see a psychologist due to me having ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) , i will cut a long story short , you can get ptsd through the death of a loved one , or family member , one of the symptoms of ptsd is anxiety . please ask your G.P for a ptsd assessment , if you have the symptoms you can be treated sooner rather than later . be on the right medication , and the right theropy my friend . i hope this helps john , take care...

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