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Don't know where I'd be without this group :)

Hi all,

Just wanna thank everyone who commented on my last blog! I feel I've made some really good friends in the short time I've been a member here. Well Friday was suppost to be the day I was seeing my mhn, at 9.30am. I get a call at 9.10am they can't see me, now I have to wait until 11th feb! I feel so let down and really feel ready to air what's going on, but no one to talk to! I've also got two hospital appointments in feb, 1 to see the cardiologist with regards to my skipped heart beats, and 1 with my consultant to see if my operation a few months ago was a success!

With regards to my meds I'm doing ok on 2 propranolol a day instead of 3, and feel well ish for a change. Not ready to return to work yet which my dr agrees with, but getting there.

I've also tried saying to myself when I feel the panic "this is anxiety, nothing elce" and it's sort of helping.

I just really wish my mhn was available before 11th feb! So I'm afraid il be annoying you all in here until then!

Thanks all h2b x

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Hi. H2. No annoyance whatsoever. Come as often as you like and I am sure everyone of the good folk on this site will give you all the support they can. It is frustrating, annoying, but more to the point, anxiety making to be put off like that. I know they are under pressure but I often wonder if they realise how upsetting it can be. If you are 'wellish' then that is certainly a big step in the right direction. To be 'wellish' is something a lot would give their right arm for so good for you. Hope all goes well and let us know how you get on. Regards. jonathan.


No H2 no one gets annoyed on here not for people needing to get things of their chest , you get it all out as much as you want , whatever helps

Remember "everyone is /has suffered on here , thats why we understand

whywhy xxx


Thank you both for you kindness and advice to me since joining! Something I don't get anywhere elce!

For me to be wellish is a massive step after I don't know how long of feeling and struggling with this frustrating illness. It's great to have people on hand with first hand experience of what I go through, and not be judgemental

Thank you all

H2b xxx


Hi. H2. You wont believe this but for personal reasons you have helped me very much with your reply. I needed what you have just said and I am grateful. Kind regards. j.


Not a problem Jonathan, I find your answers very helpful and informative, and I'm sure I don't speak for myself there!!

Keep up the good work, you don't realise how much it means when I get answers off people like yourself which are non biast, or judgemental.

Thank you h2b xxx


You are welcome to come here anytime even if your worried and you won't annoy us at all!! It's what we are here for and support each other through rough anxiety times :-) xx


Thanks minnie12

Your right. I like talking on the net to friends, but it's refreshing here, as everyone is in the same position, and there's always lots of advise and help on hand



So glad to hear that you (and others!) are finding the Community useful! Anxiety UK is pleased to provide it at no charge as we know from our own personal experience, that being able to discuss anxiety with others can be so beneficial in learning to manage anxiety long term.

Please show your support of the Community by texting ANUK13 to 70070 where you can donate £1 so that Anxiety UK can continue to provide free services like this to those who need them.

Take care!

Terri - Anxiety UK


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