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I don't know what's going on with me


I feel numbness and tightness all the way from my face and neck down to my ribs my arms and my hands and at the same time I feel like I am going to pass out. I've been tested for diabetes and thyroid and they came up that I don't have neither.. that's all the doctors have tested me for and I'm still feeling this way . I'm also losing most of my hair every day moren more it's starting to grow back but I'm still losing it. I'm so confused of what's happening to me. I do have five kids n I'm 33 and 111 pounds 5'5. I'm normal body weight any everything I just wanna know what I should do

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I would go back to the Doctors and insist they get to the bottom of this

Yes it could be anxiety but before that is diagnosed I do think just testing you for you thyroid and diabetes is not enough , they should be doing full blood counts , iron , vitamin d as well as lots more

Could you see another Doctor in the same surgery maybe that has a bit more about them as the one you have seen I have to say I would not be impressed with

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

Christalcocozza in reply to Hidden

Thanks yes I'm going to get checked by another doctor because I am not trusting what they are telling me they are acting like its nothing. And ik my body and something's not right ty so much

Have you taken any antibiotics at any time before your symptoms started? Some of them can cause troubles like this, let me know.

Agora1 in reply to Dizzykitty

Hi Dizzykitty, I've noticed that you are passionate about a certain class of antibiotics call Fluoroquinolones. Have you experienced a severe reaction at one time? They are high powered dangerous drugs. They should be off the market because of the number of side effects people have experienced. I hate to scare anymore from following their doctor's orders, but questioning what you are taking is important for your own health safety. Thanks for bringing this up in the forum. Hope you are doing okay. xx

Nope not at all

Yes, I have the toxicity syndrome. Before i knew what it was, which I found out only recently after being re-poisoned with the same thing that had started my symptoms, I used to google my symptoms to try to understand what was wrong with me since all the tests, MRIs, etc, came back 'negative'. I'd sometimes find this site in my googling, and see some of my symptoms, only to see other people telling them it was all anxiety. Now that I know what I have, I get the little daily emails here, and when I see symptoms I recognize, I suggest to people that they check to see if they've taken an FQ. Because if one person had suggested Cipro as a possible culprit, I would have gone looking it up, and found all the abundance of warnings and never taken the second short dose. So it's just something I do each day, to warn people I think might have this, because it is something I can do to help. I've solved a few sad mysteries elsewhere too. It's so vital for people to know, in order to avoid more and also other common drugs like ibuprofen that enhance the toxicity. Most doctors actually know very little about the drugs they prescribe, so everyone should do plenty of research before taking something a doctor gives.

Nora-B in reply to Dizzykitty

How are you coping now Dizzykitty? I ask this because I feel that a lot of the symptoms that I have had over the last couple of years have been as a result of certain drugs and Flu/shingles jabs. I also had anti-biotics from the dentist and will check out what they were. It would not have penicillin as I am allergic to it. Have suffered with anxiety before but this seems somehow different and am concerned that I am never going to feel anywhere near normal again. Doctor looks at me in a bewildered sort of way when I voice my fears and totally poo poos any suggestion of reactions - although I had to come off some BP meds that made my feet swell uncomfortably. Done blood tests for kidney, liver, thyroid etc.. All came back clear except vit D deficiency so am on supplements. Am also booked for 24 hr BP test.

Can the toxicity be picked up through blood tests? May I just add that I do hope that you can soon recover from your plight. Thank you for making us aware of this. At least it will be something to guard against if needing antibiotics in future. Life is fraught with danger I know, and often some 'natural' medications can be harmful if not handled correctly. It just seems wrong to put a known toxin, not only into drugs, but into drinking water and toothpaste. The latter carrying a warning to keep out of reach of children. !!

Nora-B in reply to Nora-B

Meant to say, can the toxicity be spotted via blood testing ?!

Dizzykitty in reply to Nora-B

Hi Nora B, I too am allergic to penicillin, unfortunately for both us, it's one of the safer ones. No, there is no test for the toxicity, and blood tests can show up clean too as they are not geared for this. At the very least you can be vigilant to not take any of the fluoroquinolones. I get a lot of good suggestions from the floxiehope.com site. I had so many tests to try to get to the bottom of my symptoms, before figuring it out, including MRIs, doctors just don't know. The holistic or integrative docs are beginning to hear of it more, though. I have acupuncture to help with some of the pains in my muscles, and the acupuncturist/herbal medicine doc helps guide me with some supplements safely, such as magnesium which the drugs deplete from the system. I also take a vitamin B-12 each day, vitamin D3, vitamin C, etc. I'm careful when my tendons hurt, and am careful with myself. I do have hope that I'll get better eventually, as people do. The floxiehope site is a good one for anyone who has drug-caused damage. There are huge numbers of people with this thing, but because doctors don't recognize it, people are diagnosed with all kinds of other things. If you think it is drug induced, what you have, you are probably right. Can you tell me any of your symptoms?

Thank you for your reply. My body just seemed to be screaming at me. I actually felt as though poison was going through my veins. Kind of off balance, feeling that I may pass out/dizziness though fortunately not whilst driving. Legs alternatively heavy then weak. Some seeks after the shingles jab I developed a rash that spread all over my body and my arms felt so weak that I had a job to get out of bed one morning when I was staying with my son and his wife. Gradually got better during the day but nearly got stuck in the bath due to weakness of arms. Never found out what that was all about but physio said it did sound like some kind of nerve problem that could have been triggered by shingles virus. Although not young, I have considered myself quite strong. Muscle cramps, increased migraine, neck and back problems (too much computer?) The list goes on and on. Like to dance but have not been for a long time now. Good news is that I DID manage to get some gardening in yesterday. I have to say that it does get to the pint where I am not sure if I am ill physically or am just cracking up...A bit of both maybe. Perhaps I shall never know but I shall do my very best to get stronger....You know what you are fighting - not that that is much comfort to you at the moment. Did it take you long to get over your first bout of this?

I usually am careful about what drugs I take but I shall take your advice and be extra vigilant in future. The ointment that was prescribed for me when I had the rash was highly flammable and it was advised to protect furniture from it!! Needless to say, I did not use it but gave it to my son to light a bonfire. I then took salt baths and and used E45 for cleansing and moisturising. Then went on to oatmeal based moisturiser...Now use mostly all natural soap bar for all over use..

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