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Okay so im getting a kind of tightness, numbness in my heart and chest and i really dont think its anxiety! I think its something else and its really starting to scare me, its not something i can ignore.. im not really panicing about it but afraid its going to come back stronger.. it comes and it goes.

ive been in bed the past 4 days from really bad flu, i havent been able to stand up or even walk to the toilet because ive been to lightheaded.

I tried walknig to the toilet just now and it feels like my legs aint even there, i cant use my brain properly? omg im just freaking out and need some advise on what to do ive had enough cant stop crying!!:(


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If youve had the flu Hun, you'll have all sorts of wierd feelings..... try n relax n it will go away.... if you are ill with flu then it will take some time to recover, but those feelings sound like anxiety, i suffer with it and when im ill it is worse..... have you got someone to look after you??

Try not to worry ,,, they sound like pretty normal anxiety symptoms obviously made worse cos you have the flu!!



Thing is i have to go and see my therapist tomorrow, my first session with him aswel! & i dont know how im going to make it! The numbness and tingling feels like its travelling .. its really scary and its all on my left side which makes it worse. Ive never experienced this from all the time ive had anxiety. Really stressed out:( Me and my boyfriend recently broke up and my mothers busy with my younger children so the answers no.. in a bit of a muddle xx


Well maybe if your mum realised how you feel, she could spare a few minutes ?? Could she maybe give the docs a call so they can reassure you?? Anxiety symptoms are very scary and real, not just in the head, but they do get worse the more we get stressed, try and relax, make sure you are eating and maybe just tell your mum how awful you feel and she maybe will have time to reassure you or call the gp for reassurance....??

Iknow its scary Hun, but it will pass... honestly.... ive felt like that and especially as you are ill with the flu....xx


hey love it really does sound like anxiety i too have been suffering with terrible chest pains tight chest dizziness shakes light headed mine started at christmas when i went to hospital and i had a bad virus i had bloods ecg took and was fine but still worried it was my heart still having chest pains and dizziness and my gp told me its my muscles tightening from the panic i am having a 24 hr monitor fitted my gp said its for reassurance its hard but the more you get up set the worse it will feel try to relax or go and see your gp straight away to give you advise are you taking any meds for them xxx


I agree with all that has been said. with what has happened in your life latley its understandable that your symptoms have worsened. Im just learning my self, I have only recently expearenced any of this and at first i realy thought i was having heart attacks but the GP has assured me that it is Anxity Try to relax, easier said than done i know I hope things improve



Dear Jadeew,

You could call the samaritans who specialise in listening to people. Their number is 08457 909090.

Kindest regards,



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