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good morning

good morning everyone, just had the first coffee and fag of the day which is always the best. took my tablet way later than normal usual time being 10am but took it at 4pm when i woke up. have waves of anxiety. im freaking out over gp appointment on 26th as its for my hep c, god i hope i dont have to go on interferon as they inject it and it has nasty side effects. never know after having it for over 20 yrs i may have cleared it. if only. he is going to ask about my counceling which they never got back to me about, hence there has been none. apart from that the mad cat lady is fine although i have started having conversations with myself and i figure ive got two options here. 1. teach my cats to talk 2. i learn to speak cat. wish me luck xxx

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Hi Cookie ...had 2 look twice when you said morning ..thought i was worse than what i thought I was , as I was sure it was afternoon lol

I have loads of things coming up , appointments & so on , the only way I cope is to try not to think about them till if I can the day before , otherwise i would go in to panic attacks its a week away , say I dont have to think about it for now ....wish you good luck with it though hun , I will keep everything crossed for you

I have someone coming out nxt month I think over counceling , so push for some & we can compare notes ;) thats what I mean , I no its nxt month , but i am not going to look till I have to , try & stop in the day

Talking to yourself is fine , I do it all the time & at least I no what i am on about , as most of the time no one else does

To be honest I bet your cats talk more sense than some humans , so I think you are in good company & you can always pop on here & see whats happening

Rose said after she slept in the garden she felt you may have left one of your cats in there from the other day , as one was purring at het feet , hope you have found him/her ;)





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