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Anxious and getting worse

Well second day on here, I am getting very anxious all I want to do is stay in my bed I feel safe there, i am not wanting to go out and back to work, I am terrified to speak to my family due to lots of previous problems they will think here we go again. Seeing the doc this afternoon again, and desperatly waiting for a referral to come through to see someone, I want to get on with my life and back to normal, can not stand these feelings anymore!!!!

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Hi there am going through very similar recently

Going to the doctor is a step in right direction

Am also pretty new to this site

But there seems to be some very nice people on here

Hope you start feeling better soon




Hi mix & Mark , welcome to you both if I havnt said hello to you

I no what you are saying about stopping in bed , i feel that way at night when its time to go to bed a relief , then I dont sleep :-(, good idea to try & get up though , just set little tasks for the day , make a list maybe , & even if you only do one thing from it thats good , starts to help get us motivated , blog what you have acheived in the day , how ever small , it helps

Tell your family hun , mine have had years of me been up & down , I think we may think they think "here we go again " when actually they are concerned more than anything , thats are anxiety thinking negative thoughts as we do when we feel low

Hope you are getting something from the site & its helping , you will have to let us no how it goes , dont worry about tomorrow , nxt week etc , stay in the day & do the best you can , just for today





so many people out there feeling like me...i never thought it would be like this. ... i never sleep, lost nearly 2 stone, ibs, headaches and psoriasis( and now acute bronchitis)reading other people's situations has made me think. others have gone through this, hopefully i can too.....please

why why you sound amazing


Well guys thank you for all your replies,its so good to hear from others, just had a call from mental health nurse cannot see me till 19th of March but gave me a help line number,been to see doc, she wants to see me every few days, just need something to take away the feelings, went out this afternoon to library and panic hit could not wait to get home.. same when i went to docs, and broke down with her again. So frightened to talk to family especially mother I am sure she is one of my main problems. Cant choose your family can you.


Seeing a therapist is a step in the right direction. He can prescribe medicines that can help manage your anxiety and live a life of normalcy. But medicine alone won't be the cure all. You will have to work with your therapist so your issues could be addressed. I wish you well.



yes thankyou, I am so aware that i need to speak to someone and get back me, so many issues to deal with thanks Francic


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