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Bad night


Something made me uptight last night which played on my mind, I went to bed spoke to my granddaughter but felt anxious because of earlier then I couldn’t relax for sleep, at just gone 1am I had to take a sleeping pill, (they’re very mild ones) and I was getting more anxious as I still didn’t sleep after a good hour of taking it, I must have dozed off for 2 hrs, if that, woke up suddenly at 6am started gagging quite a lot and now I feel terrible, feeling low right now. Only me in the house, feel so lonely not having anyone here. I know it’s only early still (7.45) but dreading the day ahead now, feeling very emotional and feel like just curling up and staying in bed☹️

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sorry u r not feeling so good i get bad anxiety in the mornin yesterday it lasted all day makes u tired i look after my dad who has dementia and lives alone lost me mum a year ago so it stresses me out hope u feel better as day goes on xx

Laniben in reply to scooter58

Thank you I hope you’re ok too, I’m sorry about your dad, and the loss of your mum xx

So sorry you've had a bad one. It's very easy for me to say, but you have to realise its a nervous thing, I know that won't stop it, or you thinking about it or dreading it. But when this was happening to me, I think I said the doc gave me a short course of diazepam, basically it helped to teach me I could control it. I only took a 2mg pill when I felt it coming on, and it relaxed me and I didn't gag. After a few times of this it got less and less. Yes I've been left with my muscle tension etc, but easier to cope with. Have no one to talk to, see?

I used to watch a feel good movie and try and distract myself. Are you able to eat OK, as I lost some weight and that worried me too as I have always been tiny and I was disappearing fast.

Hope you feel better as the day goes on.

Can you pin point what started all this in the first place, I don't mean last night, but the whole thing.

Laniben in reply to Funkyfaerie

I thought I’d lost my phone and debit card, although they were in my daughters car, then I had a fall and badly hurt my back it went on from there, little things happened, That made me panic, it escalated from there on. I Haven’t got anyone I can just sit down and talk to, my daughters listen on the phone but they’ve got work and children to look after. It worried me that the sleeping pill didn’t work but maybe the anxiety was fighting it and it was a low dose I don’t know. I did take diazepan a while back but the doctor said I needed to go on low dose of something else because I was getting depressed as well and she didn’t want me to stay on the diazepan for long, ive had it before 6 yrs ago it was bad then but not like this time, it feels worse and every little thing startles me and I avoid certain things . My brother phoned yesterday and was telling me about a dog that was attacked by some others and it made me feel really anxious and it went on from there, I know it sounds silly but that’s how it seems with me at the moment. I can’t get into any films or the tv much it doesn’t distract me enough and I do t seem to have anything else, so the day seems long. I still feel nauseas now and shaky. I’m in bed but really I should get up because although The sleeping pill didn’t work last night I’m so tired but can’t actually go to sleep right now which doesn’t make sense. I’m eating but not enjoying it like I would normally. X

Funkyfaerie in reply to Laniben

You need someone to talk to, just let all out...Maybe someone on here lives in your area, it's just comforting to share.

Is the sun out where you are, do you have a garden you can sit in.

Just get through today, we all have rotten ones. Even yesterday I went out with my husband to see some Tudor music. When I got up to walk away, my legs felt weak and funny, I instantly felt sick and faint!! Where as in my normal days, I might have just said my legs are stiff from sitting down too long! We are meant to be meeting friends today, but my legs feel funny already and I am still fearful from yesterday.... So you are not alone.

I too am still in bed, but getting up now with jelly legs and fear of feeling funny, I have to push or I'll do nothing again. And I have had months and months of doing nothing and wasting my life, and I'm no spring chicken!

I too am scared of today, because something always spoils it...

Thinking if you and hope your day gets better xx

Laniben in reply to Funkyfaerie

Thank you so much, I live in

Sidcup kent, I hope your day goes well for you too. I wish there was somebody nearby. I do feel very isolated because of it x

I get that feeling as well and it's not good , I know your not supposed to but I take a quarter of a sleeping pill in the daytime helps calm me down.

Laniben in reply to Raeburn44

I took one Friday night and a half 1 last night, so would it matter if I need one tonight as well? they’re only 3.75mg I’m not used to taking sleeping pills that’s why I ask

Raeburn44 in reply to Laniben


I'm on zopiclone 7.5mg I been on them two days , best to take them as late as you can at night take mine 11.30pm only give roughly 4 to 5 hours sleep well me anyway . I do cut a quarter of in the daytime and it helps with my anxiety bit everyone is different.

I have been given temazepam 10mg only 6 days worth though. Anxiety is bloody awful mine come on out of the blue and has got worse , cant take antidepressants make my anxiety to high I have trouble with most medications I seem to get all the side effects.

Laniben in reply to Raeburn44

I was given zopiclone as well but its only 3.75mg

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