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Not Having a very good time at the minute HELP!!!

Hi all

again I am sitting here contemplating ringing an Ambulance. I am having terrible heart thumps. feels like my heart is going to stop then WHACK kicks in again. Its one after another. I am waiting to have 24 hr tape on but have to wait til 10th April. Just wondered what heart sensations you guys have and what do they feel like. Am waiting for my Daughter to come so we can do our daily 4 mile walk.

I have had a terrible cold for 4 days so I know the medication I have been taking have not helped because the Flu tablets containe Caffiene.

Have threw my dinner in the bin despite being hungry because of Heart feelings

Thanks for listening xx

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I have done 5 mile walk and stripped wallpaper off Grandaughters bedroom. Perhaps not such a good idea when full of cold. At 62 should be home Knitting blankets lol.Am fine while excersising its when I am doing anything else.

Thanks for replying. Lovely to know people do care even if we dont know them



ah luv know how you feel mine is doing exactly the same its so scary and snap i have got to wait 2 weeks for my 24hr tape as well worrying all the time it feels awful any advise for me hope you ok xxx


Hi luv thanks for reply. Strange how it does not happen during the night OR if it does I am not aware.Really is affecting my daily living now as it never goes away.Have to keep forcing myself to go out and do things as we all know Home is our sanctuary when we are Anxious



I get missed beats all the time. Sometimes I get a few a day sometimes a few a week. It's normal - hard to believe I know. I saw a cardiologist because I'm so worried about my heart. He said some people get 1000 a day n still healthy. It's the worst feeling tho. I get pains in my arms and a wave come over me where I think I'm dying n I can't explain the feeling. I'm having a week long tape fitted tomorrow because my symptoms aren't everyday. Have you seen an actual cardiologist or just a dr? Xx


I saw my GP who referred me for 24hr tape.but thats not til April 10th. Have had a tape before also a Heart Scan which was ok. My dad had a pacemaker fitted my eldest sister has a Stent fitted and my other sister had a heart attack at 55 so puts me in a higher risk bracket. I am 61 so this makes me worry more although I am very fit and exercise daily without getting breathless or feelin chest pain



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