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Hi all i feel abit anxious but think its cuz ive got abit of an headache. I know its cuz a certain friend is blowing my fone up as been since about half three. Along story but her boyfriend floats from that one to another girl who is a closer friend, theyve both got kids with him, a jeramy kyle show story to be honest. Then my other half as gone to the hospital to visit his dad and wont be back till about half eight or nine. Im on me own with the boys, but its the longest ive been on me own of an evening since my anxiety. (He left at half four). Im ok in the day but as evening comes i dont like being on my own. Im watching lost trying to take me mind off it, im going to have to go and relax myself in the bath i think, usually does me good xx

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Dear Donaf,

It is mostly always possible to communicate with someone, on this site when you are alone.

Kindest regards,



Hi donaf

Sorry hun just seen this , we are all here so you are not alone , will be a little bit of stress headache

OH will be back soon if not already & dont forget Roses party to look forward to 2 morrow & bring your pressie , going to relax in that , but not in a bikini the monkeys would go ape at that sight ;)





Oh Why Why,lol


ah you ok luv i am the same at night so know how you feel love you will be fine luv keep strong as you do for all of us and we here for you xxxx


Jeeez sound like you've done the right thing. Just let em get on with it as long as you don't get involved.


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