Woke up short of breath

Hey peeps. I dropped off 2 sleep alot earlier than normal 2night. Been alseep about an hour just suddenly woke up feeling short of breath and shakey now my throat feels tight again. I really am tired but dont wanna drop back off to sleep. Doesnt normally scare me but its been so long since ive woken up like that its shaken me up abit feeling abit scared.


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  • Hi Mouley, you will be okay. It's not a life threatening issue. It is the over stimulated nervous system that kicks in when we are asleep. Our muscles as we get fearful cause the diaphragm and throat muscles to tighten. Just try to take some deep breathes, telling yourself it will be okay and then let go and accept what's happening. Try not to fight it. Hopefully you will fall back to sleep. Peace & Calm

  • Thanks agora1. Yea ive been takin sum nice breaths and have calmed down quiet abit since. I think ive been under alot of stress the last few weeks. Moving house getting it painted getting the garden sorted having sum very bad days at work my boss constantly stressing me out

  • That will do it Mouley.

  • Yea i suppose ur right. Not been feeling this crappy for awhile now How are you doing anyways

  • I'm good Mouley. Thanks for asking. It's been a long hard haul but we eventually reach our goal. Take care.

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