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What do caucasians think about Asians?

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I ask this because I am an east asian american 22 yrs but born and raised in USA and sometimes I get anxious because I always tend to think that white people are looking down on me because I'm asian. Is that true? Especially seniors who know or experienced more about the history of what asians did to america in the past. And because there were very few asians back then, and now all of a sudden there are many asians, I wonder if you think we are foreigners trying to take over the country and don't belong. I am also starting a new job next week which will be at a senior living home so I will be dealing with a lot of seniors and I'm kind of nervous on how they will look at me.. sorry if this is off topic but I get anxious from this so I want to clear this up

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Heruga - the only person I can speak for is me and I will say - absolutely not! :-) Enjoy your new job. I always think that the very best of people should work with our senior citizens, because they are so important, yet so vulnerable.

So long as you have empathy and of a caring nature; its all that matters; im sure if you treat the people at the care home with respect, kindness and dignity; nothing else will matter. I expect here will be people at the care home of mixed ethnic backgrounds anyway; so please do not worry.


Again I can only say what others have said and for me the answer is No

When I am with people it is not about the color of their skin or their Nationality but about their personality and their nature and if that is nice then that is all I see :-)

Good luck in your new job , keep is updated how it goes and remember you are as good as the next person :-)

Take Care x

The big mistake many people make is to think in terms of stereotypes so all caucasians, Indians, seniors etc are seen as one and the same. We are not all the same, there are good and bad, nice and not so nice in every group. Be proud of who you are and in your work be kind and caring to all people, even those who to begin with hold back from you through prejudice. If you do your best to help them and they are still prejudiced against you, dismiss them as fools and move on to helping the next person. As seniors have been around longer than most they should know better and indeed most of them do.

Hi Heruga , You sound like a very compassionate, loving young lady. I don't believe you'll encounter any problems. They will see you as the lovely person you are. People that come from Asia, are good people. They learn the language, study hard and become good American citizens. Many are doctors and other important jobs. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Please let us know how you get on with your job. Ruby🌹

Thanks everyone, this made me feel more confident. I guess I wasn't thinking the proper way. Btw I am a male lol. For some reason though, everyone in every forum I join tend to think that I am a female

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I guess it's just because your screen name ends in an "a" :-) Glad you are feeling much better about starting your new job. Keep us posted!

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Heruga I thought the ga at the end of your name was short for gal. Anyway, either way, I can tell you're a sensitive compassionate person. Good luck to you! Look forward to hearing how you make out at your job....😁😁😁-Ruby🌹

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Oohhh I see, didn't know this name sounded more on the feminine side. Well thanks I will definitely let you all know how it goes :)

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For me a person's colour is irrelevant. Don't be nervous. I've always found its impossible to dislike someone with a smile on their face. So go in with a positive and cheery disposition and I guarantee you'll get positivity and cheeriness back.

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Thanks:) Now I'm convinced that most people have good hearts like you :)

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