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What happens the 1st time?

Hi everyone.

Can I just ask what happens the first time you see your mental health nurse? I'm going in the morning, I've already had my assessment with the phyciatrist and social workers and now I'm meeting my nurse for the first time tommorow! Will it be lots of questions? Me having to relive all the anxiety I'm having? My issues? I really do not know what to expect ??

I have a lot of fears including my food, drink, coming off my tablets ect, but my biggest fear is my upcoming operation. This will be my 3rd for my current problem. Can I just say my first ever operation was a medical emergency. I found out I was pregnant and 2 days later I was in hospital having emergency surgery because my pregnancy was ectopic, i nearly died that day! It terrified me!!!

My 2nd operation was for my current problem and was not successful. My 3rd operation went ok until I was given drugs, had a serious reaction, almost died and had to stay on a heart monitor for 28 hours.... This also terrified me!

This will be my 4th and I'm sooooo scared although I've been reassured by the drs "il be fine"

Do I need to explain all this to him? Sorry I'm babbling on but I'm really scared and cannot snap out of it

Much love to all

H2b xx

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Oh Darling, I'm not surprised you're scared.

You've been through an absolute nightmare. Anyone in that situation would be afraid, not just people with an anxiety disorder.

Yes, your doctor is trying to reassure you and he is right to do so but I understand totally why you are finding it so hard to be reassured. Your mind is in a loop, imaging the worst and it has evidence to support its theory - it's very hard for you to counteract that. Hard but not impossible. Just because you have had one bad experience doesn't mean you will have another - planned surgery is very different to an emergency op and they know about the drug reaction now so that won't be a factor. Try to think positively or better still try not to think about it at all. Everytime the thoughts come to you try not to engage with them. Stay in the moment and let the thoughts just float by. Or imagine yourself safe on your little island the waves and the storm are crashing around but nothing can reach you. It takes a while to get these techniques to work but it is worth trying. Anything that gives you a little bit of space away from the fear. By all means come and join us in Rose's Garden - I've found that really helpful.

When is your op and I will think of you then and if you don't mind will pray for you too.

Keep posting H2b.

Let us support you through this.




PS - in answer to your first question I'm afraid I have no idea what happens when you meet a Mental Health Nurse, I've never met one. Hopefully someone else will be along soon with some help about that.xx


Thanks for you kind words lizard, my operation could be anytime as I'm on the waiting list but may be called in at short notice ,

I don't really know what roses garden is?!

Thanks for thinking of me

H2b xx


Oh dear, this really is a difficult time for you. The uncertainty will not be helping your anxiety.

To find Rose's Garden scroll down the blog posts till you find the one by Rose about her Garden party; click on it; visualise the Garden and join in the craziness. I know it sounds daft but my mind runs itself ragged at night and I've found it really helpful to focus it by imagining the Garden. Sometimes it even gets me to sleep which is a precious commodaty in my world.

Take Care of Yourself,




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