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Just got back from the ER

So earlier today I took a nap and woke up to a loud pop noise that sounded like it was coming from my head so I freaked out and got up and went to emergency room and they did blood work and a chest xray (idk why the chest xray) gave me an ativan and sent me home. Now all this time my head is just hurting feels a lot of pressure and a dripping sensation. I feel off balance but I think that's cause of the ativan...I'm just so scared my brain is bleeding or something I'm terrified. My face is all hot and red I just feel really scared

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Hello, I understand how you feel . There is nothing worse than being scared and imagining the worst. You will be feeling hot and red because you are probably panicking. If the hospital has taken a blood test and and X-ray I think if there was anything major going on it would have shown up. However you could possibly have a problem with your ears if you are feeling off balance. I'm not a nurse but it might be worth seeing your GP to get it checked out. Hope the symptoms have eased and you are feeling much better. Take care Carol x


I had that and zaps in my head. This was anxiety for me, since being on medication this has stopped happening. Not sure if you have had any other symptoms of anxiety


I've had exactly the same 'pop' in my head as well. Also had a 'thump'. I think it's just tension from the anxiety.


If you look up exploding head syndrome on google, you will find, an article about the sounds in your head , I also suffer from this!.

It has happened 3 times in the night.

Apparently it's a slight chemical imbalance that's all .

I get a knocking or banging sound like someone banging on my door or window, to wake me up.

It's a strange thing,but can be caused by anxiety.



Hi Illaeskrilla. Sorry to read how poorly you've been. As I read in one of your replies it could be an inner ear infection which the doctor can clear up for you fairly quickly. Going back to what I call brain zaps,when I was very stressed I used to have a feeling that a large elastic band was being pulled and let off in my brain. It was so violent it could jolt my whole head,thankfully I knew it was stress. But it was very scary. Please bear in mind that the hospital has checked you over. But do please see your doctor to examine your ears. Sam xx


Hi illa again :-) yes I get like a ticking noise in my head sounds like a ticking bomb I guess and happens when I feel stressed or have ear infections. It's scary but like everyone else said...I'm sure er would have said if anything was of a concern....get ears checked...ear infections are caused by stress and anxiety sometimes and causes off balance and sick feeling :-)


Go to a neurologist.


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