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Anxietys and worrys

Hi all, so I woke up last night full of anxiety usually I would of just brushed it off as usually but instead it filled me up with fear. So I woke up and jumped out of bed, cuz I felt like I cudnt breath but I could. It was this stupid anxiety trying a different approach. When I started looseing myself in the anxiety I wrote on here, and eventually started to find myself again. It was pure panic and just didn't want to go back to sleep. Then I woke up this morning and feel fine. I've got worrys about my nan, plus I've had a court letter turn up from when I had a tv licence, but I didn't pay it. I've got one now. If I fill it in and post it then I don't have to go court as long as I plead guilty to not having one. So I'm just going to plead guilty as I don't want to go to court. I would rather pay a fine tbh. Plus I've had worrys about my son ben for wks, but do feel abit better now its seems to be moving forward. I just think now and then things just get on top of us and that's when my anxiety shows up. Its just telling me I need to rest my mind xxx

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Ah dona sounds like you having a lot of stress at the moment its awful how we let everything worry us and get in a state i know you are strong stronger than me as i am still finding them hard to accept so always read your comments to see how you doing and everyone on here give me a little more strength chin up hun you are doing great and besides i need you here for me xxx give your nan a big X from me xxx


Dear Donaf,

Well done for getting through a difficult time and writing down and working out what might be going on. It is an inspiring blog. I am sorry to hear about your nan. I am also sorry to hear about the things with your son.

Thank you for your support this morning.

Kindest regards,




Sorry you felt that way last night , these things like to try & come & bring anxiety along with them , but again you are dealing with this , so well done you

Remember stop in the day , these things will get sorted , you have already come along way with helping your son

Thinking about you





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