Been doing good

Been doing so good lately, had abit of anxiety earlyer. Then felt fine now ive woken up full of fear and anxiety. I could cry. The symptoms anxiety gives u I forgot how upsetting they can be. I haven't had it so bad for ages. I can feel the adrenalin again. My mind needs to recharge and have a rest while it does. I know that I'm making proggress, and will still have bad dys xxx

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  • Dear Donaf,

    I am sorry to hear that you have had a difficult night. You are not alone.

    May i say that i like your new picture.

    I had to think of the video(of you on holiday possibly) that you posted a week or two ago. I didn't get it at first but then i realised that you were using your arms to illustrate the words of the song. I liked that.

    Kindest regards,


  • Sending you a hug! You are doing so well, we all have bad days, just need to recharge and let a bad day go.

    xo Cass

  • Well done you!Accepting the anxiety is a big step forward!!;-)

    I do have bad days time to time but now I know that tomorrow it will be another day

    With love


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