I can't accept that it's anxiety

So my dr has diagnosed me with anxiety. I just can't accept that its anxiety I think it's something more serious especially with all the physical symptoms. I feel so un real. Tight burning chest and foggy head 24.7. I haven't had bloods or any scans on my head. He's just checked my blood pressure, ecg and felt my stomach which he said were all perfect! Ugh I am not convinced

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  • I wouldn't accept it! You need to rule out all medical diagnosis in order to accept. I would request blood tests, Lyme test ( if u live in a state or country with high risk). I was told it was all anxiety and now I have a diagnosis of Lyme. Anxiety can give you all those symptoms but you will always question if things are not ruled out.

  • He's never even stressed about giving me a scan on my head or a blood test. I've rung the ambulance before and they done all my vitals they were perfect . He seems to think it's definatly anxiety . Also I'm scared of getting the tests done and they come back with cancer or brain tumour

  • Sophie1122, you are kind of stuck in the middle. Not happy with the diagnosis that it is anxiety and yet afraid to have tests done for fear of bad news. In order to reduce your stress level, you will have to choose what comes next. Bite the bullet sort of thing. Apparently your doctor doesn't feel that the symptoms you are presenting with pose a threat of anything horrific. We have to be our own advocates at times in order to get some answers. A foggy head (even 24/7), tight burning chest and feeling unreal are not really the symptoms of a brain tumor. You can consult with a neurologist who will do more extensive non-invasive testing that may settle your worries and concerns. Wish you well x

  • Your symptoms don't sound like cancer to me. I myself had to rule out cardiac conditions, vitamin deficiencies and Lyme. I did set up a neuro appointment earlier and I would have gone through an MRI ( maybe I still will). A lot of these conditions are treatable and could make you feel better if you end up having them. I think if you don't do it, you will always wonder, For me if I didn't get tested for Lyme it would have gotten worse and worse and dangerous Doctors can't say for sure it is anxiety until things are ruled out If it is just anxiety then we can focus on that and recover. It was scary to have the tests done but it did make me feel better knowing the answers

  • Do you feel like your in a dream I do all the time

  • Yup I do it's horrible

  • You could also try getting a second opinion from a different doctor, your entitled to do this and it may help convince you that it's nothing serious? Your doctor must have a reason for believing it's anxiety that you have? if a second opinion results in you receiving the same diagnosis then it may help ease your fears? You can also request blood tests, explain that you really don't feel happy with the small amount of tests done, just hang in there though, your doing the right thing by coming here, so many can and will relate to your experiences...big hugs...xxx

  • I've been to another doctor before and he said anxiety to . Like it's weird cause I feel all yuck and hot and my temp is fine so is my blood pressure. I really do believe if I had something serious I'd be passing out or more obvious symptoms , I don't have headaches or seizures or anything like that it's just your mind plays tricks . My dad has serious anxiety to he can't even go to the hospital so he just has to live with his

  • Anxiety is one of the most scariest and debilitating illnesses, it has no preferences when it comes to its victims and no boundaries when it comes to the type of symptoms it produces, I totally relate to your struggle and I'm sad to hear your father is also suffering with it, I've experienced the many symptoms of anxiety and I've been panic stricken with fear, but people do get through it, you must try and remind yourself that so many people do manage to overcome the fear and you won't die from anxiety, it can give you as many unpleasant symptoms as it likes but it can't kill you, let it come and go as it pleases, let time pass, even at your worst point when your scared and overwhelmed with it all....it passes....your still here....your safe....and more importantly...your not alone, let it come and go, practice doing nothing about it's symptoms and you will eventually disarm it, it's all about your reaction to it, don't try and fight it, just let it be, if you can eventually truly accept anxiety as nothing more than an over sensitized body and mind then your half way there, just hang in there, you'll be ok xxxxx

  • Hi Sophie 1122 I agree with Suzie 482 anxiety can make you have lots of symptoms fast heartbeat ,foggy head ,stomachs pains ,shortness of breath ,chest pains ,the list could go on !! Please believe me it is anxiety i have had all the above and more.I've had anxiety for over 40 years and have had lots of terrible days even weeks of extreme anxiety and many brilliant anxiety free days.try not to worry except the symptoms let them come dont be afraid eventually they will disappear once you accept them.

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