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Irrational fear of illness

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I just wondering if anyone had any tips for me.. Any bruise or small ache or shortness of breath causes me serious worry that I have some terminal illness, it's easy to say not to think about it or know that I'm fine but the more I worry they more things I find like more aches and more pains

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mmmmmmm i think the more you think about the things that you say you get pains aches the more you worry about them things as well just try not worry its hard not to all you can do is try

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Hi ur not alone I know how u feel I am exactly the same I have health anxiety and I would not wish that on anyone when I have little aches and pains I tjink the worse and my anxiety kicks in so bad . What symptoms are you having x

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Moll98 in reply to bibbis

Just back aches and pains around my chest just constant tiredness and exhaustion x

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I must say I think that's what has kick started my anxiety as I have had chest and Brest inflammation like 5 or 6 times in 3 years and I had a ECG the first time as I didn't no I had it and that was scarey for me so with having it so many times it has set me of with anxiety which is awful for any one try Dr batch rescue remedy its a herbal remedy which has no side affects as it just flower essences it may help

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Hi, I'm exactly the same and know what you are going through. I dont have a magical cure but what I will say is dont google you symptoms! I always did and scared myself half to death. What you have to remember is that google results usually come up with the most popular first (not the most accurate for you specifically). Obviously ones about terminal illnesses are what people are most worried about so get more clicks, come up nearer the top and so it continues. If you really must goole, just google 'does anxiety cause....' And what you will find is almost everything you have is actually triggered by your anxiety. That was some advice I saw posted when I first started looking on here (sorry I really can't remember who it was) but its been the best advice I could have been given. X

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Moll98 in reply to gemp54

No that's quite helpful actually Thankyou!

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bibbis in reply to gemp54

U rite google is the worst thing to do am trying to stop doing that as it gives u worse case sanaro witch feeds the anxiety . Realy good advice gemp54

Hi, if it is an irrational fear, this may mean that hypnotherapy may help. This adresses the root of your fear - then you can re-invent yourself by allowing your mind to identify with the cause and through hypnosis learn to stay calm. If it really is irrational , this indicates that at some time in your life, you processed the thought that illness = your survival is at risk and puts you on high alert.

I have helped many get past this self- limiting anxiety . It`s actually an easy and painless process to restore normal reactions to any fear or phobia.

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I have similar issues. Half the time the doctors find something when I go to urgent care, which only adds to my anxiety of it. I have endometriosis, which is not only painful, but can sometimes be unpredictable and it's not always easy to control. I have fibromyalgia too, which may cause phantom pains. Some complications that occur can either be masked by current pain or not have symptoms at all. Obviously, this can all add to anxiety and fear.

Personally, I recommend getting regular check-ups, tests, exams, whatever, and keeping those as reference for yourself just as much as your doctors and talking to them about when you should redo them. If you can look at the numbers and images and so-on to see that you're fine, seeing proof that you're fine can give you relief. If you're still really concerned about something that's abnormal, don't be afraid to push doctors to look further into it. Ask whatever questions you may have and express your what-if concerns if any come up.

I personally feel better when I look at some of my doctor reports and test results because it helps me to know that I have proof that there is or isn't a gremlin on the plane. By getting checked for "just in case" reasons, I have minimized my what-if fears and phantom symptoms because I know that I'm being proactive about taking care of myself and that I can have evidence that there is or isn't something I need to talk to a doctor about treating or if I can go home and relax and celebrate that I'm okay. Rewarding yourself for being healthy may help too, just so long as it's also in a healthy way.

I hope this helps a little.

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I am exactly the same. A little pain and discomfort I will start to think of sickness. This is very frustrating and I really hate this. I have anxiety attack very often right after I fear of having any sickness. I feel hopeless as Noone would understand me.

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