Girly Night In at Wood Cabin tonight!!!

Girly Night In at Wood Cabin tonight!!!

Hello Lovelies

There will be a cosy girly night in at cabin wood tonight ;-D as its very very cold outside especially of snow so we can all snuggle up on soft comfy sofa with pretty warm log real fire,ive knitted you all lovely fluffy socks to keep our feets warm, watch pretty snow flakes falling from the night sky through the window screen also there will be some games- playing card either bingo if anyone are up for it and some hot chocolate but of course irish coffee especially for rosy rosie!! About midnight we can go for a short and sweet walk to bluebell wood and look at pretty moonlight and all of us hug together and wrapped up with blankets and watch for 10-15 mins before go back to cabin and drift to sleep ;-)

Also i will bring some cadbury chocolate fingers, special cupcakes and some nibbles such as crisp, nuts, cheese selections and grapes!! ;-)

Thought it is what we just needed tonight after a nasty blog that had uspetted all of us....

See you all about 8:30pm-9pm tonight!!



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36 Replies

  • I'm new will someone collect me as I want to meet some new friends

  • Yes you can and join us girls xx

  • Cloudy

    We will collect you ;)

    You have already made friends , please join us


  • Oh, Minnie, the Cabin looks so lovely and welcoming in the snow, beautiful!!! yes, just what we all need, a really fun night in the Cabin, thank you for the socks, my love, I will bring some hot coffee (and some Irish to go with it, of course ;) ) - and hot scones dripping with butter, cream and jam, so we get all horribly messy :-D oh and some cheese straws, someone brought some cheese straws a while ago, and they were gorgeous, hadn't had them for years, so I'll bring them.

    Yes, Minnie, hun, you're right, just what we need after dealing with silly people! I'll be there - drunk in the Bluebell Wood, probably lol! ;)


  • Your welcome my love..... I really hope our lovely whywhy will be joining us cos it wont be the same without her...... and we will be looking after her and let her chilli out on the sofa and bring her anything she would like ;-)

    Oooooo really really fancy a warm scones with clotted cream and jam...hmmm yummy and make sure you pour double irish in hot chocolate ha ha!!! thinking i will be end up drunk and join you so we have to carry each other or whywhy have to look after us :-D ha ha!!!!

    See you all in a bit as im going to have my dinner lovelies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • My little friends

    I will come , how can I resist all the temptations you are putting infront of me !

    Need to do my tesco on line shopping first , have a shower , will try & be there at 8.30 but could be 9 , but wouldnt let my friends down , not when they go to all this trouble


  • Why why.... Yay I knew you won't miss it for the world and won't ever let us down!!! Enjoy shopping online and hot sizzle shower! You can always sing and dance, pretend no one is listening and watching you ;-) ha ha!!! Speak you later love xxxxxxx

  • S till shopping & still watching what you are all doing at the same time , wont be long hun , going as quick as I can


  • Oh minnie

    I've just read this and it made me cry it looks and sounds lovely can I come too? Big hugs for everyone love eve x

  • Eve can't wait to hear all about our Girly stories . I will bring some single malt whiskey and scottish tablet . It will warm us all through to our socks . X

  • Hey glad you are coming I was wondering how you were getting on. just putting the kids to bed see you soon oh I so need a drink tonight x

  • Eve, course you can come - what's a Garden without Eve in it ;) lol! Come and join us, and Cloudy, we'll have a lovely time and tell silly jokes and (maybe) drink too much - but no hangovers in the Garden! :)




  • Thank you that made me laugh xx well just look how a horrible day has brought everyone together it's lovely.

  • Yes,looks like everyone will be there,I,ve been in a nasty mood today,this will help,I think it was the "debate"this morning.Well done to all you women.

  • Do you think we need a pub for the men? Or?

  • Hi Lindalou - I did suggest this, but the men didn't seem interested :( anyway, how about a pub for the women ;) lol! xxxxx

  • Eve39....yes love you are very welcome to join us girlies!!!!! Hugs xx

  • Did some one say pub..............after the last couple of days ive had I could do with it. X

  • Hmmm.... you're right, Sam maybe the Garden could do with a pub - or a wine bar at least - posher lol! ;) xxxxxx Do join us! :)

  • Yes it's only for girls tonight as men won't like to see couples of drunken womens and embarrassment stories lol!!! They are better off to the pub!!!!! X x x

  • Its not 8.30 yet , its not open lol & ive got to get on Tesco shopping yet as well , dont you lot get drunk without me ;)


  • Why why..... No we won't and it won't be opening til 8:30!! We will wait for you sweetie but might have to push you to walk any faster lmao xxxxxx

  • Sorry, might be a bit late, cos need to eat first, but i will be there - just don't drink all the Irish before I arrive! :( xxxxxxxxxx

  • No worry love, no rush and enjoy your dinner! Glad to see your eating dinner bit earlier rather than v v late!!! :-) no we won't ;-) xxx

  • We will make your dinner at the cabin for you,or if the men had a pub,they could do meals.

    (The pub make the meals ,not the men) or maybe the men could make dinner,mmm

  • Oooh, that sounds great, I'll have Jamie Oliver do the cooking and Kevin Kline can wait on me ;) (In my dreams lol!)


  • Hi Minnie,

    It's bitterly cold up here ~ really glad you've opened up the Garden. The cabin looks so warm and cosy. I'll just curl up here in the blankets and stroke our resident cat. Still feeling pretty grotty so might even fall asleep. Just step over us if we're in the way ~ watch the cat's tail though!!!


  • Hi folks, I'm here - still cooking supper, so will be in and out - AND :( am having internet trouble today, keep losing connection, so if I disappear, I'm not drunk in the Wood - well, I might be lol! - I'm off the net :(

    Hey, Liz, I've brought some pots of really hot coffee, and some Irish to go with it, that'll warm you up, hun! Don't worry if you fall asleep, that's fine, the kitty cat will curl up with you and help keep you warm, and there are lots of Minnie's lovely soft blankets to wrap round you! There's the scones, all warm from the oven with cream and jam, and some cheese scones for those of us who like savouries more!

    I hope Whywhy is stretched out comfortably on a bed or sofa, coffee, hun? Like some Irish in it - think you deserve it tonight! You just chill, my love, look at the lovely firelight flickerig on the walls, it's so peaceful here, no nasty people, only nice ones - us :-D

    Lots of love, enjoy, my sweets!



  • Im here , I am a little quite , sorry , just trying to clear my mind

    I think i will go for a nice hot chocolate , with whipped cream & some nice silver & pink sparkly fairy dust on top , so it looks pretty & I love both kinds of scones , so i am not sure which one to have ?

    Yes I am sure the cat still belongs to Cookie , I do miss her & hope she is OK & hope she come back soon , but we will look after the cat while she is taking a break

    Now Rose what is Minnie up to , I can just see her over there , but not sure what she is doing ?


  • Aww hun, it's all right to be quiet, I'm quite tired now, might fall asleep myself later on lol!

    Hmmm.... not sure about Minnie, I suspect she's getting you a lovely selection of scones and hot chocolate, not to mention a nice warm blanket to wrap round you, and some fluffly socks for your feet! So you just lie back, watch the firelight, hun, listen to the wood crackling and Cookie's cat purring, and let all the tension slide away - you're safe, hun, you're amongst friends who love you SO much!

    Lots of love, my lovely Why, just let the Garden and Cabin work it's magic!

    Lots of love

    Your Rose


  • I will , yes i see Minnie trotting up now , she has got her hands full , i bet you are right she will be bringing me goodies & a blanket , she keeps things in an extra clean cupboard for me , I forgot what she calls it


  • So sorry I keep trying to writing and submit but it keep saying something gone wrong with a ugly guy stare at me :-( let hope this work this time pls!!!!!

    I'm tired too and join you girls to curl up on sofa and sip lovely finest hot chocolate with extra thick lickable cream and chewy marshmallow!! :-) don't get wrong idea when I lick the cream on the top especially the scones ha ha!!!! Oh yes you got 1 special free germ cupcakes where you store your things in like a saucer and cup etc!! :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Minnie was just dropping of in this warm cabin with one of your lovely cosy soft blankets , but you have made me laugh again when you said something has gone wrong & a ugly guy stare at you lol I get that sometimes , but never thought of that cartoon as an ugly guy till you mentioned it lol I will think of you now when it happens again & it will make me laugh hehe

    Thank you for my germ free things , i do appreciate the trouble you go to no what next time we have a sleep over & its cold like tonight , what about that delicious home made soup you make :) bet that would get Rose eating as it sounds & looks delicious


  • Ain't it cosy when we all wrapped up with soft fluffy blanket? Love that feelings! Yes ha ha ugly guy apparently stares at me and I thought huh who are you?!? Lol!! Nice to know that I make you laugh sometimes! ;-)

    Next time I will make 3 different flavour of soup when we all have a sleepover and a DVD night in together too!!!! Gonna be so fun!!! :-) xxxxxxx

  • Wondering what rosy is cooking this time of this night?!? Lol xxxxx I had lightly dinner cos had big lunch and was filling me up so had a red chilli & red lentil homemade soup which was so nice but little spicy! Yum! Xxxxx

  • My lovelies.... I'm off to bed and catch up beauty sleep as have to get up at 6.50am to go hospital at 8am for a ultrasound scan as a ferility check up that help me to get pregnant! Will speak you all tomorrow lovely people!!!! Good night! I'm off to sleep on comfy sofa next to cosy fire and blanket wrapping around me :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ((((((((hugs))))))))

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