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Big day today!!

Right today I will go to counselling this afternoon 1:30pm for the first session for a hour with counsellor man called Gary and there will be a interpreter too (cos I'm deaf so need a signing to help with communication)

Feeling bit nervous but same time looking forward to it!!

Will let you all know how it goes!! :-)

Have a nice day my lovely people! X x x

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Hi Minnie

Good luck , I am sure it will be fine & so pleased so see you so much happier than you were

Keep up the good work

Thinking about you & look forward to hearing how you go on


whywhy xxx


Good luck Minnie ...just on mobile so cant write much ....Hope allgoeswell Vince:):)


Best of luck Minnie.. x


Thinking of you Minnie xxxx


Best Wishes Minnie................my thoughts are with you.......xx


Thank you all lovely people! Counselling went well and lasted a hour & half. The man is so lovely and confirmed that I've got health anxiety so gave me 3 techniques about how to cope with it by breathing, muscles also how to not ask for reassure seeking (like delay 2 hours before ask for a reassure)

He agreed that I don't need anti depressant tablets because it won't solve the problem, but would help if people got a really severe depression and sudicial thoughts. I will continue taking vitamin b complex with fish oil also magenusium & vitamin D

He want me to do- if I feel anxiety about health, try delay the reassure for 2 hours and go for a walking for a fresh air then do the breathing techniques then see how I feel, that's my targets. Will see him next on 18 February for a hour & half again.

Trying to distracted my bad thoughts tonight as I've got lower back pain with left hip for 2 weeks on & off and pariond about bone cancer but been reassured by doctor that i don't have it.

Hope you all had a nice day! Xx


Highly remmonded anyone to have CBT counselling! Xx


Thats great Minnie

All sounds very positive :-)

whywhy xxx


Thank you hun, in hot bath now as got bit ache on my lower back mainly near the pelvis bottom on the back near bum and left hip.... Bit worried x x x


Minnie thats great to hear! Sounds like a positive step! Its great to hear so many people are taking the step of seeing someone lately! Its really great, we are all taking the power away from the anxiety!

Minnie you stick with it! Develop the good foundations! I'm off to my second first session to relearn everything again. :s


Thank you! Will stick to it and go to every session every 2 weeks! You can do it and remember just accept the anxiety but don't feed them and just ignore it ok? Hugs xx


Ah I'm glad your first session went well Minnie. I haven't been on here for a while, so I've been scrolling through all the old posts. I'm a bit jealous that you seem to have a much better therapist than me, he has given me no techniques, and I wish I had the energy and motivation to go for walks and things.

JB xx


Thank u :-) hey don't be jealous cos I'm going to share tips with you

1. Go to the room where you can relax, stay there for 10 mind only, check ur watch or phone time ok?

2. Closed your eyes nicely and have a good deep breath twice.

3. Try breathe in and counting 4 then breathe out and count to 6 by using fingers.... do it 4-5 reps ok?

4. Open eyes when you have done 4-5 reps then try try try go out for a walk least 10 mins, you can walk slowly and remember look at pretty things like tree, flowers even count how many cars drive passed you whatever you like but don't matter if you don't feel like to it but try drag yourself and it will work about 2-3 walk then you will feel better, more positive and start believe in yourself honestly it work for me!!

5. Once you get in from nice walk, make yourself a hot cuppa and be proud that you did then you will feel bit better and try do it 2-3 time a week or everyday if you like

Hope it helps! Xxx