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Can someone tell me if I anxiety ? please

I had my first panic attack around 5 years ago when i came out of a abusive relationship , i had chest pain , sweats , shaking and it was frightening , i went to casualty and they confirmed that i never had a heart attack , since then i only had 6 or 7 but i learnt how to control them but now for the bad bit , for the last 8 months i have had bad attacks up to 4 , 5 , 6 and sometimes 7 days a week and it's getting harder to control them , i have got to the stage that all i live for is the next attack , i will not go shopping on my own , i will try to avoid places were there's a lot of people , i have a attack if i have to sit by a red traffic light , i have not seen my GP as i am embarrassed and he may think i,m just being silly , as any of you nice people have any advice on what i should do , Regards Robbie

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You sound like most of us on here & describe panic attacks just how they feel , its not a nice feeling either

Try & see them for what they are ..panic attacks ...they are not going to kill you even though I no it feels like it at the time

If you can go with them rather than fighting them it will make it easier as it gives them less fear & power over us, easier said than done I no , but with practice , it can be done

Please dont feel silly going to your GP , they will not see it as silly believe me , & you are not silly you are suffering with anxiety , which is a illness , but can get better

If you struggle to talk , write down what you want to say & pass it them , lots of us do /have because we can struggle to speak

Look around the blogs I am sure you will relate to lots said on here & hope that will make you feel not so alone with how you feel

There is so much more help now , hope you will see your GP & accept it

Keep posting & you will get lots of support , even if you are going to GP & afraid , people understand , so say how you feel , that is also a big help with this as well


Let us no how you go on





You must go and see your GP. He/she will not think you are 'being silly'. Anxiety and panic attacks are really really common and your GP will have treated loads of people. There are therapies and meds available.


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