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Okay so I haven't had a anxiety attack in a few weeks but I still get the symptoms like, dizziness, tension headaches, pain in back of neck and some shooting pains in my head. My question is, is it normal to still get all these without an attack? I also wake up with the anxious feeling in my stomach sometimes so not sure if that is why I still got all these symptoms. Can someone please help? 


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  • I am also awake for no reason so you are not alone. When I say no reason, it is because anxiety is all in our head. I find nighttime is usually the worst as there is no one to talk to. By the sounds of it you are probably having a panic attack, by the sounds of all your symptoms. So try to stay calm, drink a glass of water and relax - easier said than done I know! Are you in any medication? When did your anxiety start? 

  • No I am not on any meds. I've had anxiety for a few months now. I started therapy to help me with it. I also had a CT scan done of my brain last month and even though it was normal, I still can't help but think something is wrong because of the pains in my head. The dizziness just started up 3 days ago. I though it was gone since it's been about a month since I felt it. It just all tires me out.

  • Anxiety is shattering! Especially as it wakes you up and stops sleep so you then get run down and it is a vicious cycle. The great news is that it does get better and you can fight it! If you've had the scan and it has shown nothing, then you are fine. When did you start therapy? What does your therapist say? Have you tried CBT? 

  • My therapist is more focused on my marriage and relationships thn my anxiety.  I don't think she fully understands when I try explaining my symptoms and all to her. No I have never tried CBT, what is that?

  • It is all exhausting... 

    I have pains & hot/cold sensations in my head plus horrible pressure in my ear.  My dizziness has been attributed to a faulty vestibular system but there is no clear reason why it's not working.

    I'm still not convinced it's anxiety, but I don't have too many tests left so I guess it may be :-(.

    Good luck!

  • Yes it is exhausting. I've had a CT scan, ecg, chest x-rays and thyroid checked and all is normal. My doctor just said I have tension headaches and prescribed me pain meds but it doesn't help. I've been feeling dizzy for a few days now. I just don't know what to do anymore.

  • Have you looked at your cervical spine?  Mine is a total mess which does affect muscles & blood flow, contributing to headaches & dizziness.  

    The problem is most pain meds have a side effect of dizziness so I'd rather keep mine than add to it with meds.

    Heat, Ice, and Physical Therapy help some.  Have you tried massage?

  • No, I haven't had my cervical spine looked at. I got glasses over a week ago and my eyesight seemed better but now I'm dizzy again. Do you think it could be glasses? I've never wore any til now when I got them prescribed.

  • It could definitely be the glasses!  I've had them for years, but still go through an adjustment every time I get new glasses.

  • I'm going to have to look into this because I've been so dizzy I don't want to even get off my couch. 

  • My boss found out they had given her the wrong prescription one time so it's definitely good to check.  Good luck!

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