Difficult husband!

Hi everyone. Well i was having an ok day after a shaky start (dragging myself out of bed) i went round to a friends house and helped her with some painting in her new kitchen for which she was very grateful and itmade me feel useful too! Then i came home and washed the car still all ok then wham the estate agent rasng and i answered it. Big mistake as she told me the house that i and my husband house (we're separated have been for 4 years) would never sell at the price we are asking.The thing is i know she is right and my husband won't reduce the price because he doesn't want to move out. we have had numerous discussions over this and though i would like to stay on good terms with him, i am fast running out of money and because i'm also depressed i want to avoid ugly confrontation . This has totally ruined my day wish i'd never taken the phone call because i've got to deal with this again ;( At least i can sound off on here lol!

ruby x


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  • Who doesnt or hasnt had a difficult man in their life at some stage ;) sorry all men reading

    You did great today should feel proud

    Your situation is a difficult one & I feel for you

    I no you are depressed & this does make us turn away from situations , but with this one you might have to bite the bullet ,& face the situation , it may not be as bad as you think & we will all support you

    Have you sought advise on this ? is there any one like friend or family that could be with you or act on your behalf

    I have a feeling if you do nothing , hubby will be happy to keep it how it is , as he doesnt mind

    Hope you can find the strength to sort this out , we are all here to support you

    Bet your friend was very happy for your help , well done you , maybe she can support you with this ?




  • i was with a man for 21 years and for past ten years have been with a woman, problem solved lolx i too hope you find the inner strength you know is there, to get through this dilema. good luckxxx

  • I shouldn,t say this as a man....lol............. I would take legal advice as their must be a way round this...........If you cannot afford this, any decent lawyer will wait till case is resolved.

    After all four years to withhold what is rightfully yours cannot be correct...............

    PS if it is half yours maybe he should be paying rent.......

  • Yes side i agree with you, and there are steps i can take but iv'e just let it ride for all this time like i said to whywhy if the shoe had been on the other foot, he would have had me out of there like a shot! i also agree about the rent because i have been paying rent since i moved out to a landlord while my ex lives rent free as the house is mortgage free now so he is sitting pretty, as i write this i think to myself how silly have i been and anyway my savings are just about gone now so i am going to have to take action wether i want to or not thanks again for your imput xx

    ruby x

  • No wonder he's happy with the way things are! You really need to get some advice, I don't know what the answer is but good luck with this xxx

  • Hi why why and cookie thanks for your support it means a lot to me. your comment cookie made me smile but i think that your solution would be a bit too drastic for me! no offence meant! But i know what you mean whywhy i i am going to have to bite the bullet at some stage instead of hiding my head in the sand just don't feel like confrontation at the moment. I do know that had i been living in the house instead of him he would have turfed me out long before now! He's just not being reasonable at all and i think he is afraid of moving, but so was i when i made the move 4 years ago, i was in a right state for along while, and was fearful of the future especially as we had been married 34yrs!! anyway its good to get stuff off your chest isn't it? xx

    ruby x

  • I know it is not always about money, but I hope you have a good lawyer to compensate your last four years of rent paying..................wishing you the best.........xx.

    Sometimes nice people get trod on.x

  • thanks for your reply side, i think i am definately going to have to get legal advice on this house business. i have put it off for too long now xx

    ruby x

  • Hi Ruby,

    I'm sorry you're going through such a nightmare. Don't beat yourself up about how long it's taken you to get advice - you never expected to be in this situation four years down the line. It's scary how time goes by and we just drift into these things. You've had other things to deal with, lass. The important thing is you're dealing with it now.

    You're getting your life back :)

    Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.

    Good Luck,



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