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how can i get rid of the physical symptoms of anxiety

how can i get rid of the physical symptoms of anxiety its been worse the last few days and im not sure wether its because im coming to the time of the month but ive had a major panic attack today ended up out of work and went A&E because i thought somthing was actually wrong and there isnt, its just anxiety, its really getting me down help please? :-)

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Hi, I too am struggling with physical symptoms just wish there was an easy solution. What kind of symptoms are troubling you? I have been getting numbness in my face and pains in my chest really scary but not been to the doctors, I guess I should go get them checked out. I hope we can eventually overcome this and it is good to know we are not alone....Take care..xx


ive been too the doctors they've gave me too sets of tablets that havent worked, but going back tuesday, and light headed, headaches, but most tight chest all the time and not feeling like im able to breathe properley not nice at all, i hope we can overcome this too, but we all have each other and each other experiences to help us at least were not alone xx


I also hate the symptoms of anxiety,but I find that if i do any form of excercise that helps to make them go away also anything which distracts you from thinking about them,ie doing word games or adding up numbers does'nt matter what they are i add up family birthdays really helps,had panic at the airport recently and did these and they worked for me,hope you feel better soon. xx


HI, i know how hard it is and how it can turn your life upside down. ive been the a&e with panic attacks before and dont wish them on anyone. i have so many symptoms from anxiety and panic that it has kept me off work for a while. i dont know how long you have had these symptoms but the shorter the better chance of recovery. ive found ive developed a really poor immune system to. i do do alot of relaxation and i listen to my panic attack eliminator, you can downlaod one for free at getselfhelp.com x


you need to give your meds time to work some times your worse before you get better so give the meds some time good luck


I think it might help to take a different view. Don't try to get rid of them. I know it goes against your instinct - you have horrible, frightening feelings and thoughts and you don't want to be having them - but running away from them just increases the fear and anxiety and you become exhausted. So practise accepting them for now. Say, maybe, something like :' Ah, ok, I'm feeling anxious again....I can feel a tight feeling in my chest/churning in my stomach/knots in my head...' whichever physical symptoms you can notice. Describe them, as if you are an interested scientist! Don't judge them - ie don't say 'I can't stand this, it's horrible...' just describe the physical feelings you notice. Then imagine a small child has described these sensations to you, and tell her 'It's ok, you are having a difficult time at the moment, but I am here, and the feelings will pass, just like storm clouds do, just wait and see....' and give that child a gentle hug.

Maybe it sounds potty, but it takes practice so keep at it.... and it might just help you find ways of coping with this debilitating anxiety.Even if it reduces the anxiety a little, isn't that better than nothing at all?

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