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Off to bed feeling very lonely sometimes wishing i had a partner to cuddle up to,err but the thought of anyone else sleeping in my clean white sheets is unthinkable how sad have i become,hope i dont have another bad dream or nightmare and scream out in my sleep my son wakes me up when he hears it and i say sorry to him like shit i hope next door didnt hear that,,,wishing you all a better day tomorrow cant wait for spring to come i love that season new shrubs poping up in the garden and listening to the birds,,,simple things in life are the best,,xx loves xx

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Dont wish you might get it lol & believe me its hard work trying to house train men as you must have experienced lol

You have your son , thats a blessing :-)

You never no if next door hear you screaming they might think you have a man in those clean white sheets hehe hope you dont mind me having a little joke , but i think its good to keep a little sense of humour if we can ;)

Soon will be spring , & agree things look alot better when the light nights come

Little steps hun , things will start getting better





lolol laughing, the man next door leaves his tv loud all night and dont stop coughing,he needs to give up the roll up's always hanging out of his mouth, not sure whats going on here today i woke up with chest pain that when into my left shoulder blade i jumped up gasping for air thinking heart attack,(i wish this would all just stop)feeling rather nervy and have the gitters,this must be some chemical brain inbalance thing,its getting worse now i think its menopause, took an asprin,i cant carry on like this i want to enjoy the rest of my life and be a happy old hag ha..told my self if i'm having a heart attack just happen now please!! next doors house is being done today its bang bang bang, mine on the 7th to much stressing about strangers in the house changing things,,,,hope everyone has a good day xx loves xx


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