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After reading Trips blog with the 'time to change' campaign, I decided to 'sign the wall', upload my pic and stop being ashamed of having this awful condition... So here I am loud and proud.....Its TIME TO CHANGE.... Break down the walls and accept who I am....

So my first name is Kerry.... and here I am.....

Wishing everyone peace and happiness...



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23 Replies

  • Hi Kerry ;)

    Well done you ! lovely pic as well , I have signed the wall , not brave enough for a pic , but maybe one day ;)

    You should be proud you are a lovely person , inside & out




  • Morning whywhy

    Ive sent you a pm just to see how you are!!

    Its quite liberating standing up and saying 'what the hell'...... arent those people the lucky ones who dont have to live with this every day.... so b@@@@@ks to the stigma!!


    Kerry xx

  • Replied lol to pm , my love ;)


  • Dear Kerry,

    It is very nice to meet you. My name is Marcus.

    Kindest regards,


  • Hi Marcus

    Pleased to meet you too!!

  • Well done, Anne, you've given me the courage to add my name and pic to the wall! :) My name is Tereza - thank you xxxxxxx

  • Hi Tereza

    Thats brilliant!! Well done.... Im so chuffed my courage has enabled you to be courageous too!!


  • :) xxxxxxx

  • Thought it was Rose ;) xxxxxx

  • My favoourite flower! ;) xxxxx

  • Me or Rose ? lol xxxx

  • You silly aputh! ;) I didn't know there was a flower called Whywhy ;) No, I've always love roses, they usually bloom in my birthday month - June - and are my absolute favourite flower!

    You, my dear, are just one of my favourite people! ;) :)


  • Just wanted to keep you on your toes today lol :)

    Its a saying though as well round here people will say "alright flower " or alright duck " what a place a come from lol


  • All right, flower? ;) xxxxx

  • All right duck ;) xxxxx lol

  • :) this is amazing to see you do this as most people know, but if you don't my name is Terry.

    nice to meet you.



  • Hi Terry

    Pleased to meet you..... you inspired me enormously and gave me the courage to do this so THANK YOU!!

    Seen a couple of your video blogs too.....love them!!

    xx Kerry

  • Aww thank you so much i will be doing a new video blog today so i will post it up. we have nothing to hide from we are some of the strongest people on this earth!


  • :-)) xx

  • Hi Kerry,

    I have only just joined this site, I loved what you wrote, I've had issues with anxiety and panic attacks for maybe 10 years, but only admitted i had a problem maybe 2 years ago, then in the last 12 months I started researching it, 2 main things I've learnt is 1 knowledge is key and 2 the day I said out loud to friends, family, teachers, doctors etc, that I have panic attacks was the day I started to recover, as releasing this dark embarrassing secret took such a weight off my shoulders! It was so empowering to start to fight back. I still dread certain situations but I will get there in the end!!


  • Hi Ashh

    I totally understand what you are saying and think you're totally right. It was quite liberating saying 'you know what b@@@@@ks to the stigma'......


  • And also its important to remember its our thoughts and attitude that causes half of the problem, I'm reading alot of self help books, currently reading a book on Cognitive behavioral therapy, a positive attitude goes a long way, and don't forget my fav little fact, anxiety normally affects people with above average intelligence with great creative minds! Imagine our potential when we get our anxiety under control!


  • Me too..... I have about three on the go.......and would agree I am very creative, I actually do it for a living.... I make hats!!


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