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What is going on ?

Before it happened to me I would think of those with anxiety, get yourself together and stop being so silly. Yeah right, now I find it easier said than done as I have regular panic attacks and find it hard to leave my bedroom let alone leave my house. I braved the great outdoors today to go to GP who gave me 50mg Sertraline tabs, which I am too scared to take after reading blogs on numerous sites. What do I do??? I've considered taking half but even that is freaking me out. One extra thing to worry about:-(

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I cannot advise you on your medication but see it as a step forward seeing your GP.

I can however see the benefits of Medication, I don't want to take it, I want to tackle my anxiety / depression alone, going to the GP is acknowledging my 'illness', I dont want my moods to be 'false'.

The above are my personal arguments against.

Arguments for... i always feel better for taking medication and recognise this fact now after several bouts of severe anxiety over the last couple of years.

Take care, listen to your Dr. Go back to him/her with your concerns.

You're moving in the right direction.



Until you suffer you just dont no how bad this can be , I am sorry you have had to find out :-(

Everyone on here suffers so you are not alone

Fear of meds is also a common problem

We also say "dont google " we are the worlds best at doing that & of course we zoom straight in on the horror stories

Lots have taken these meds with no problems at all , some do have side effects , & have gone on a different med , but if you dont try them , you wont no

I have a fear of meds so I am not going to lecture you on this lol

There is another member on here that has a simular problem & they blog every night when they have took one , which seems to be helping them

Taking half to start with till you feel confident is not a bad idea & you could blog like the other members do , some one will always show you support , just ideas

Remember you can try them & if you really dont think they suite you , you can stop them , you only have to say I will take one today & take each day as it comes

Let us no how you go on




Thank you for your support and advice. I have never blogged (is that the right word lol) before, I'm a bit of a technophobe and am surprised I managed to turn on the beast ( I pad), my better half normaly sorts that out but she is at work and the cats have yet to learn lol.

I have decided to start meds tomorrow as my partner has a week off as I will feel safer I think, I hope. I'm. Going to start with half though and see how I go. X


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