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Hello everyone, I have suffered from panic attacks from years. They seem to come and go. Here lately, they are back and with a vengeance. And on top of that, I have shaky hands. When I look and the internet to "self diagnose" myself, I have symptoms associated with MS. DEAR GOD HELP ME!!! I'm don't know what to do. I've had every test possible. I've more than met my deductible for this year because I live at doctors offices trying to find answers of why I feel dizzy everyday. Why can I not focus, and my memory is shot. Why do I lose my balance and why are my hands shaking. I've become somewhat obsessed with trying to find an answer. I just want to feel 100% again. Has anyone else experienced the shaky hands?


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  • Yes..shaky hands. Restless. Dizzy. Breathing weird. All horrible scary symptoms.

  • Do you have those symptoms too juzme?

  • Yes I do. Do yourself a favour & don't google your symptoms. I've done it myself many times. Not good. You end up thinking you have all kinds of medical problems. Then the panic sets in once again.

  • Ha. Too late juzme! I LIVE on the internet and WebMD. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I want answers and look to the internet to find them.

  • Hi,

    If the doctors have run the recommended tests and can't find anything else wrong then rest assured that all of the symptoms you have mentioned can definitely be stress-induced. (And anxiety and panic are definitely forms of stess).

    I have suffered the hand tremors, dizziness, lack of focus and memory issues along with many other issues when stressed. It's a horrible feeling and the temptation is always there to worry that it's something serious, but that's how you can lose years of your life to this so I try not to let it win.

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks Lando111. I've had so many tests run and of course they can't find a thing. But if it was MS, that can't be detected by a blood test....right? My fear is that they are missing something. My hands now shake all the time. Is that what happens to you? I am scared to death!! I wake up in fear and go to bed in fear everyday! I've become obsessed with my health. My mom passed away due to pancreatic cancer 2 years ago, and ever since then, I've become a walking hypochondriac. I know it's not good for me to "self diagnose" myself, but I can't help it. When I don't feel well, I want/need to know why.

    I'll do less worrying and more praying.

    Thanks Lando111.

  • If you're constantly anxious the symptoms will be there all the time. And they'll change into something completely different/seemingly unrelated for no apparent reason whenever they like.

    I'm not an expert by any means but I gather that MS generally affects one side of the body (or one side more than the other) at a given time, so if both hands are shaking to the same extent I'd be far more inclined to think it was stress/anxiety related than anything more serious given your history.

    The problem with self diagnosis is that we don't have the knowledge or expertise to interpret the symptoms correctly.

  • Thanks Lando111. I should pay you to treat me instead of these doctors.

  • It's in an anxious person's nature to worry that dr's are wrong or have missed something, but I try to remember that for every misdiagnosis a doc makes there will also be hundreds of correct ones.

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